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Comment Chit ê pang-bô· iōng chì-chió 1 ê optional ê parameter: siông-sè tī thó-lūn-ia̍h ū tè chhōe.

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[[Image:{{{image_flag}}}|125px|Flag of {{{common_name}}}]] [[Image:{{{image_coat}}}|110px|Coat of arms of {{{common_name}}}]]
[[Flag of {{{common_name}}}|Kî-á]] [[Coat of arms of {{{common_name}}}|Phiau-á]]
Kà-sī: {{{national_motto}}}
Kok-koa: {{{national_anthem}}}
[[Image:{{{image_map}}}|250px|Location of {{{common_name}}}]]
Siú-to· {{{capital}}}
{{{latd}}}°{{{latm}}}′ {{{latNS}}} {{{longd}}}°{{{longm}}}′ {{{longEW}}}
[[Demographics of {{{common_name}}}|Siōng tōa ê siâⁿ-chhī]] {{{largest_city}}}
Koaⁿ-hong gí-giân {{{official_languages}}}
 - Choân-pō·
 - Chúi (%)
[[{{{area_magnitude}}} m²|{{{area}}} km²]] ({{{area_rank}}})
{{{areami²}}} mi² 

 - [[{{{population_estimate_year}}}]] est.
 - [[As of {{{population_census_year}}}|{{{population_census_year}}}]] census

 - Bi̍t-tō·
{{{population_estimate}}} ({{{population_estimate_rank}}})

{{{population_density}}}/km² ({{{population_density_rank}}})
 - Total
 - Per capita
[[As of {{{GDP_PPP_year}}}|{{{GDP_PPP_year}}}]] estimate
{{{GDP_PPP}}} ({{{GDP_PPP_rank}}})
{{{GDP_PPP_per_capita}}} ({{{GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank}}})
HDI ({{{HDI_year}}}) {{{HDI}}} ({{{HDI_rank}}}) – {{{HDI_category}}}
Hòe-pè {{{currency}}} ({{{currency_code}}})
 - Joa̍h--lâng (DST)
{{{time_zone}}} (UTC{{{utc_offset}}})
{{{time_zone_DST}}} (UTC{{{utc_offset_DST}}})
Internet TLD {{{cctld}}}
Kok-chè tiān-oē khu-bé +{{{calling_code}}}