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This template shows the current number of United Nations member states that recognise State of Palestine as an independent state. The purpose of this template is to simultaneously update all the articles that show the number of recognizers. Please make sure that this template is in sync with the sourced and verifiable additions to International recognition of the State of Palestine.

Usage[kái goân-sí-bé]

The parameters are:

  • N: Number of states which have extended recognition
  • W: Number of states who have withdrawn or frozen recognition
  • D, M, Y: Day, month and year of the latest recognition for the "As of" text
  • NAME: specifies the name of the country such that the wikilink should point at [[International recognition of NAME]]
  • THE: specifies a prefex to the county name such as "the"

These parameters are used by {{Numrec}}, where the full template's usage is described.

Articles using the template: Special:Whatlinkshere/Pang-bô͘:Numrec/Palestine

If you update this template, there are also other articles that will require modification: