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Documentation icon Pang-bô͘ bûn-su[chhâ-khòaⁿ] [pian-chi̍p] [le̍k-sú] [kun-sin]

DTS代表Date Table Sorting(以日期排序),用於在能排序表格裡整理和顯示日期(幫助:排序(英文))。

它解決的問題[kái goân-sí-bé]

通常如果要排序的話,日期必須要使用YYYY-MM-DD的格式輸入。但是,這格式與格式手冊中指定的格式不同。這模板會自動製作用作排序的<span style="display:none">1776-07-04</span>,但會以July 4, 1776的形式顯示。如果想要使輸出隱藏,請使用{{dtsh}} 模板。

參數[kái goân-sí-bé]

{{dts||||公元前}} {{dts|}}
  • 第一個參數 – 年份(如月份不為空可選)
    • Year number – number in the range -9999 through 9999: the numbers -9999 through 0 are used without "bc" and represent astronomical years -9999 through 0, the numbers 1 through 9999 represent that year AD, or BC with the fourth parameter set to bc or BC
  • 2nd parameter – Month (optional if the day is not given either)
    • Full month name – February or february
    • Abbreviated month name – Feb or feb
    • Month number – 2 or 02
  • 3rd parameter – Day (optional)
    • Day number – 7 or 07
  • 4th parameter – optional with value BC or bc
    • Used with a positive year number

Thus e.g. for the year 5 BC we can use "5|bc" or "-4".

A time period (year or month and year) is sorted according to its start, and time periods with the same starting moment are in order of descending length: a year comes before its first month; a month comes before its first day.

  • 1st parameter – the full date in international, US or YYYY-MM-DD format
    • It uses {{#time:}} and so is limited to what the parser function can handle (e.g. it won't go beyond 100 AD).
    • International format is left as it is. YYYY-MM-DD format defaults to US format.
    • Abbreviated months are accepted.
    • Capitalisation and comma mistakes are corrected.

Input[kái goân-sí-bé]


  • {{dts|1776|July|4}}


  • {{dts|1776-07-04}}
  • {{dts|July 4, 1776}}
  • {{dts|4 July 1776}}

When supplying a single parameter for the date, it is accepted and interpreted according to the php date/time format, except that a single number is interpreted as a year. By default the date is shown as supplied. If the first parameter is not just the year, but no format parameter is supplied, due to a call of function #time the maximum number of calls of this template on a page is 1200.

Using format=mdy, format=dmy, or format=auto produces a format that depends on, but is not necessarily equal to the format of the supplied date. This requires multiple calls of function #time, reducing the maximum number of calls of this template on a page in the worst case to 88, see below.

Also see the examples below.

Output[kái goân-sí-bé]

Output sent to table

  • <span style="display:none">01776-07-04</span> July 4, 1776 or
  • <span style="display:none">01776-07-04</span> 4 July 1776

Output displayed to user

  • July 4, 1776 or
  • 4 July 1776

Linking[kái goân-sí-bé]

The template formerly linked dates automatically. To turn linking off the parameter link=off was used. In accordance with current guidelines linking is no longer supported. Please do not use this parameter. Please remove it from existing transclusions.

Examples[kái goân-sí-bé]

Normal function of the template. The template with debug=yes, which causes hidden parts to appear:



Limitation[kái goân-sí-bé]

Template:Dts/formauto calls #time with format strings with a total length of up to 68 characters. The worst case is when the default case of the #switch applies, e.g. for the format 1876-08-25. In that case the template can only be called 88 times (here less because of the other examples):

Lua錯誤:expandTemplate: template "dts/formauto" does not exist

Error handling[kái goân-sí-bé]

During early 2009, Template:Dts generated month names for invalid month numbers, such as number 23 displaying "November". No warning is displayed, for the formatted page, that such invalid dates are being used on the page.

See also[kái goân-sí-bé]

  • {{dtsh}}, hides the template's output
  • {{TBA}}, allows quarters, and allows sorting of time periods by end date.
  • Pang-bô͘:Tim, since on Meta e.g. 09999 9999 induces numeric sort mode, "&" is prefixed to force string sort mode.
  • {{dts1}}
  • {{dts vgr}}, for video game release dates.
  • {{sort}}, sorting by a specified key
  • {{sortname}}, full name sorting.
  • {{tts}}, for sorting times in result tables of athletic events (only needed in certain cases - see template documentation)