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Pang-bô͘:SpecialChars The template {{IPA link}} create a wikilink from an IPA symbol to the respective phonetic article. IPA link displays the bare IPA symbol. Showing IPA defined brackets like "/…/" is an input option.

The conversion list, from symbol to article name, is not defined in this template, but inherited from {{IPA symbol}}.

{{IPAalink}}, {{IPAblink}} and {{IPAslink}} are earlier versions with defined angular "", square "[…]" or slash "/…/" brackets, respectively.

Usage[kái goân-sí-bé]

  • First parameter or ipa symbol= (required): any IPA symbol or its IPA number, respectively.
  • {{IPA link|m}}m
  • {{IPA link|ɡb}}ɡb
  • {{IPA link|301}}301

(Note: showsymbol= does the same, but it is deprecated.)

Direct page

The target page can be set (overridden) by using Pang-bô͘:Code:

{{IPA link|ʘ|<}}ʘ
{{IPA link|ʘ|direct page=Bilabial clicks|<}}ʘ
Error situation

If the IPA symbol is not defined in the {IPA symbol} table, then an error message is returned.

{{IPA link|pʰɪk}}Error using {{IPA symbol}}: "pʰɪk" not found in list

The latter is normally more an example of accidental misuse than intentional use, or it could be a sign that a symbol is missing from the {{IPA symbol}} table.

Option "showsymbol" deprecated (use label= or a second unnamed parameter, preferably)

The template can take the extra input like showsymbol=A, and then display that symbol, while also linking to the appropriate article. The symbol to be shown can also be the second unnamed parameter.

{{IPA link|m|showsymbol=Anytext}}Anytext
{{IPA link|ɽ͡r|showsymbol=*}} *
Option name

The name=yes parameter provides a display of the name of the phoneme (a function of {{IPA symbol}}) to the right of the displayed symbol for the phoneme, as shown in the example below:

  • {{IPA link|m|/|name=yes}}/m/ siang-tûn phīⁿ-im

Full parameter list[kái goân-sí-bé]

In the short form:

{{IPA link
| name      =
| errortext =
| showsymbol=

Equally, the longer including optional names:

{{IPA link
| ipa symbol= <!-- or 1st unnamed parameter-->
| label     = <!-- or 2nd unnamed paramter -->
| bracket   = <!-- or 3rd unnamed parameter -->
| name      = <!-- yes/no -->
| errortext =
| showsymbol= <!-- deprecated, use label= -->

Known issue[kái goân-sí-bé]

  • The output should be enveloped in {{nowrap}}.

See also[kái goân-sí-bé]

  • {{IPAalink}} – creates a link in angle brackets: "", for showing the IPA symbol, when linking to the named article
  • {{IPAblink}} – creates a link in IPA brackets: "[…]"
  • {{IPAslink}} – creates a link in IPA slashes: "/…/"

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