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Usage[kái goân-sí-bé]

This template is designed to display information about an Egyptian pharaoh, including their names in hieroglyphs.

Other than name, all parameters listed below are optional. To see a near-full example of the template's use within the encyclopedia, visit Ramesses II.

Full syntax[kái goân-sí-bé]

{{Infobox pharaoh
| name           =
| alt_name       =
| image          =
| image_alt      =
| caption        =
| role           =  <!-- Defaults to: [[Pharaoh]] -->
| reign          =
| dynasty        =
| coregency      =
| predecessor    =
| successor      =

| notes          =
| prenomen       =
| prenomen_hiero =
| nomen          =
| nomen_hiero    =
| horus          =
| horus_prefix   =  <!-- Defaults to: <hiero>G5</hiero> -->
| horus_hiero    =
| nebty          =
| nebty_hiero    =
| golden         =
| golden_hiero   =

| spouse         =
| children       =
| father         =
| mother         =
| birth_date     =
| death_date     =
| burial         =
| monuments      =

Parameters[kái goân-sí-bé]

All optional other than name.

Parameter Function
name Name by which pharaoh commonly known
alt_name Alternative names
image Infobox image (headshot, if possible)
image_alt Alternative text for the image
caption Caption for the image
align Template's position: left, center or right
era Template's colour scheme (by predefined era; see Template talk:Hiero)
nomen Pharaoh's nomen; use <hiero>...</hiero> format, followed by transliteration, followed by translation
pronomen Pharaoh's pronomen (see above)
golden Pharaoh's Golden Horus name
nebty Pharaoh's Nebty name
horus Pharaoh's Horus
reign Dates of pharaoh's reign (use alternatives, if known)
predecessor Name of pharaoh's predecessor
successor Name of pharaoh's successor
consorts (consort)
spouses (spouse)
Names of pharaoh's consorts/spouses
children Names of pharaoh's children
dynasty Name of pharaoh's dynasty
father Name of pharah's father (if known)
mother Name of pharah's mother (if known)
birth_date Year of pharaoh's birth
death_date Year of pharaoh's death
burial Place where pharaoh buried and/or pharaoh's tomb/body found
monuments Names of any significant monuments dedicated to the pharaoh
role Defaults to "Pharaoh"
golden_hiero Pharaoh's hieroglyphic Golden Horus name (see above)
nebty_hiero Pharaoh's hieroglyphic Nebty name (see above)
horus_hiero Pharaoh's hieroglyphic Horus (see above)

Microformat[kái goân-sí-bé]


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