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Wikipedia (chū-iû ê pek-kho-choân-su) beh kā lí kóng...

Hoan-gêng[kái goân-sí-bé]

A-lú-mih, chia̍h-pá bōe, chin hoaⁿ-hí lí lâi Holopedia! --Chùn-hiàn 15:23, 11 Cha̍p-goe̍h 2007 (UTC)

Request for translation. Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas[kái goân-sí-bé]

Warm greeting from Belarusian Wikipedia! This year we celebrate 130. birthday of Belarusian great poets en:Yanka Kupala and en:Yakub Kolas Could you help us to translate articles into your unique and honourable language? Thank you in advance! --Rymchonak 2012-nî 1-goe̍h 14-jἰt (Pài 6) 17:13 (UTC)

Kunrei-siki[kái goân-sí-bé]

Chhiáⁿ iōng Kunrei-siki (ISO 3602) siá Ji̍t-pún-oē. – Kaihsu 2008-nî 5-goe̍h 8-jἰt (Sì) 13:46 (UTC)

To-siā lí-ê thê-chhíⁿ :) Luuva 2008-nî 5-goe̍h 10-jἰt (La̍k) 07:28 (UTC)

The translation request[kái goân-sí-bé]

The translation request
Hi! Could I ask you to translate the article which you can find below into Min? Please help me to show our language to the world – the article is quite short and has been selected from English and Silesian article and shortened as possible to contain only the basic informations. If you would finish, please, let me know on my Silesian or Polish discussion. Thanks in advance.
PS. If you want me to translate any article into Polish or Silesian, contact me without hesistation.
So, here’s the text to translation:

The Silesian language (Silesian: ślůnsko godka, ślůnski, sometimes also pů našymu) is a language spoken by people in the Upper Silesia region in Poland, but also in Czech Republic and Germany. In the National Census of Poland in 2002 about 56 000 people declared Silesian as their native language.

Silesian is closely related to Polish language, that’s why it is considered as a dialect of Polish by some linguists.

Alphabet[kái goân-sí-bé]

There’s not one Silesian alphabet. The Silesian speakers are used to write their language with the Polish characters. In 2006 was invented the new Silesian alphabet, based on all of the Silesian scripts (there’s 10 of them). It is widely used on the Internet, as well as in the Silesian Wikipedia.

Aa Bb Cc Ćć Čč Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Ńń Oo Pp Rr Řř Ss Śś Šš Tt Uu Ůů Ww Yy Zz Źź Žž

And some digraphs: Ch Dz Dź Dž.

External links[kái goân-sí-bé]

Thank you once again, Timpul 2008-nî 8-goe̍h 21-jἰt (Sì) 10:49 (UTC)

Thank you! Timpul 2008-nî 8-goe̍h 25-jἰt (It) 16:24 (UTC)

Hi Luuva! ;)[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hi! How are you? Could you please help me add a couple of sentences to the zh-min version of this interesting article?

Thanks so much! -Ivana Icana 2008-nî 9-goe̍h 6-jἰt (La̍k) 21:13 (UTC)

Xiang Wikipedia[kái goân-sí-bé]

Good Afternoon Luuva ,

The Request for the creation of Xiang Wikipedia has been created here. Your support would be appreciated very much. Thankyou. --Jose77 2008-nî 10-goe̍h 16-jἰt (Sì) 02:05 (UTC)

Thank you for your support for the future of Xiang Wikipedia

--Jose77 2008-nî 10-goe̍h 16-jἰt (Sì) 21:00 (UTC)

A little help[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hi! I'm a Hungarian Wikipedia editor, my name is Norbert Kiss. I'm very proud of my village, Ecser, it has already more that 60 translations. could you translate the English version into your langauge? Thank you in advance. - hu:Eino81

Thank you!! - Eino81

Request for Help, please[kái goân-sí-bé]

Greetings Luuva.

Could you kindly help me fix any grammatical errors for this article? Please.

(NB: I have temporarily added the original Chinese version alongside the Minnan translation to enable you and other Minnan speakers to fix the article more easier. Afterwards, I will remove the Chinese version from the article)

Your help would be very Gratefully Appreciated. Thankyou very much. --Jose77 2008-nî 11-goe̍h 20-jἰt (Sì) 05:19 (UTC)

Thankyou very much[kái goân-sí-bé]

Thankyou very much Luuva for your wonderful help!
Your help is very Gratefully Appreciated.
May God Bless You!
Yours Sincerely, From --Jose77 2008-nî 11-goe̍h 20-jἰt (Sì) 20:20 (UTC)

Minnan classification proposal[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hi Luuva,
The outcome of the ISO application for Teochew can be found here. Your opinion regarding this classification proposal of all the Minnan varieties would be appreciated very much, Thankyou. --Jose77 2009-nî 1-goe̍h 27-jἰt (Pài 2) 05:13 (UTC)

5000 phiⁿ![kái goân-sí-bé]

Kiong-hí lí siá Holopedia ê tē 5000 phiⁿ bûn-chiuⁿ Kang-gia̍p Kek-bēng! – Kaihsu 2009-nî 4-goe̍h 29-jἰt (Pài 3) 14:13 (UTC)

Chin to-siā lí ê kiong-hí ! Goá ê kè-sio̍k phah-piàⁿ. Luuva 2009-nî 4-goe̍h 30-jἰt (Pài 4) 05:24 (UTC)

Hi! You were that, who made the translation of my village, Ecser, here. Could you help me now again? Could you translate this English article into your mother tongue? Thank you. hu:User:Eino81

Translation of a short story[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation, again. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Ban-lam-gu :) I made this page, the English translation is somewhere there. You can put the Ban-lam-gu translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... :( - hu:User:Eino81

Goá ū chù-ì tio̍h lí ū chhiâu I. M. Pei ê thumbnail. Ū sî-chūn mài siat-tēng thumbnail ê toā-sè, tùi user lâi kóng khah ū lō͘-iōng -- in ē-tàng tùi Special:Preferences lâi siat-tēng in kah-ì ê toā-sè. Bóng chham-khó. A-giâu 2009-nî 10-goe̍h 11-jἰt (Lé-pài) 03:21 (UTC)

Goá goân-pún siūⁿ-kóng bô siat-tēng thumbnail tô͘ ē piàn chin toā.. A-ne goá liáu-kái. To-siā. Luuva 2009-nî 10-goe̍h 11-jἰt (Lé-pài) 03:46 (UTC)

Translation[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hello. Could you translate some words into Min-Nan to help with localization of your Wikipedia?

  • Robot -
  • Adding -
  • Modifying -
  • Removing -

Thank you! Hugo.arg 2009-nî 11-goe̍h 7-jἰt (Pài 6) 17:03 (UTC)

Translation request[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hi, could you translate an stub of simple:Pichilemu. 2 or 3 lines will be appreciated. Thanks. --MisterWiki 2010-nî 2-goe̍h 19-jἰt (Pài 5) 15:04 (UTC)

Help with Min Nan project logos[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hello Luuva. I am collecting project names and slogans as part of a logo cleanup. Could you tell me if these translations are correct or translate them if they're in English?

  • Wikipedia = Wikipedia
  • The Free Encyclopedia = Chū-iû ê pek-kho-choân-su
  • Wiktionary = Wiktionary
  • the free dictionary = ?
  • Wikibooks = Wikibooks
  • Open books for an open world (or "Free books for a free world" if that's easier to translate) = ?
  • Wikiquote = Wikiquote
  • Wikisource = Uikitô͘sukoán
  • The Free Library = Chū-iû ê tô͘-su-kóan

Could you please respond my Meta-Wiki talk page? Thanks in advance! Cbrown1023 thó-lūn 2010-nî 8-goe̍h 12-jἰt (Pài 4) 17:35 (UTC)

Tâi-tiong-chhī sin tê-tô͘[kái goân-sí-bé]

Luuva, Se-khu ê tē-tô͘ File:Xi TC.svg oē m̄-tio̍h--á, kap Lam-khu kâng-khoán, chiah lô-hoân--lí. --Chùn-hiàn 2010-nî 12-goe̍h 27-jἰt (Pài 1) 11:57 (UTC)

Please, could you translate en:Podolsk into Bân-lâm-gú? Naturally if you have available time![kái goân-sí-bé]

Good day to you! Could you, please, translate into Bân-lâm-gú the article, containing two-three sentences, about this city in Russia? I’d like to thank you in advance :)--Переход Артур 2011-nî 2-goe̍h 15-jἰt (Pài 2) 11:18 (UTC)

I'm glad to help:) Luuva 2011-nî 2-goe̍h 15-jἰt (Pài 2) 16:28 (UTC)
Thank you very much! If you need any support in Russian Wikipedia (e.g. translation of the article in Russian), please, address me here ^_^ --Переход Артур 2011-nî 2-goe̍h 15-jἰt (Pài 2) 17:25 (UTC)

Disney pages[kái goân-sí-bé]

Could you make any improvements to some of the Disney articles? Thanks. 2011-nî 3-goe̍h 26-jἰt (Pài 6) 01:15 (UTC)

Can you help me please?[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hello Luuva. Sorry to bother you, but can you please help me to translate and upload on zh-min-nan wikipedia this page o a part of it (stub). Very grateful for your help --Alessandroga80 2011-nî 5-goe̍h 22-jἰt (Lé-pài) 13:28 (UTC)

Article request[kái goân-sí-bé]

I notice en:Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport does not have an article in Min An. Would you be interested in starting a stub? Thanks WhisperToMe (talk) 2012-nî 10-goe̍h 17-jἰt (Pài 3) 04:46 (UTC)

Dassault Mirage 2000[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hi Luuva, I see that you created Dassault Mirage 2000 a couple of years ago; I was surprised to find it here on Min Nan Wikipedia. I have at User:Russavia a number of aviation photos I am uploading to encourage collaboration and article development here on Min Nan Wikipedia, and I have a photo of the ROCAF Mirage 2000 there. You may wish to add this photo to the article, with an appropriate caption. I'll leave it up to your discretion. Cheers, Russavia (talk) 2012-nî 12-goe̍h 26-ji̍t (Pài 3) 09:24 (UTC)

User page deletion[kái goân-sí-bé]

Can I get you to delete my user page and user talk page? (Either that or turn the initial anon edits on each page into mine, but I assume just deleting the pages would be much easier.) I have user pages on almost all of the hundreds of Wikimedia Foundation wikis, and this wiki is now (I think) the only one where I accidentally created my user pages while I was logged out. As you can tell from the page histories, I've left this for quite a while, but now it's just bugging me. You can see that the only other user to edit either page made a trivial change to my user page. Once the pages are deleted I will recreate them while logged in. Thanks. - dcljr (talk) 2013-nî 1-goe̍h 18-ji̍t (Pài 5) 16:24 (UTC)

OK. I'm going to delete those pages. Luuva (talk) 2013-nî 1-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Pài 1) 12:23 (UTC)

Luuva lí-hó,

Chī-mā O̍at-lâm Wikipedia pán-pún ê bûn-chiūⁿ í-keng chhiau-kòe Tiōng-bûn Wikipedia.

Hô-lân Wikipedia pán-pún ê bûn-chiūⁿ ma-sī chhiau-kòe Hoat-gí kah Tek-gí Wikipedia. Gún ē-sai khì chhéng-kàu, ō͘ in ê chò-hoat.

Eg. [1]

Go Luuvabot! --DaveZ122 (talk) 2013-nî 9-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 3) 09:13 (UTC)

An important message about renaming users[kái goân-sí-bé]

Dear Luuva, My aplogies for writing in English. Please translate or have this translated for you if it will help. I am cross-posting this message to many places to make sure everyone who is a Wikimedia Foundation project bureaucrat receives a copy. If you are a bureaucrat on more than one wiki, you will receive this message on each wiki where you are a bureaucrat.

As you may have seen, work to perform the Wikimedia cluster-wide single-user login finalisation (SUL finalisation) is taking place. This may potentially effect your work as a local bureaucrat, so please read this message carefully.

Why is this happening? As currently stated at the global rename policy, a global account is a name linked to a single user across all Wikimedia wikis, with local accounts unified into a global collection. Previously, the only way to rename a unified user was to individually rename every local account. This was an extremely difficult and time-consuming task, both for stewards and for the users who had to initiate discussions with local bureaucrats (who perform local renames to date) on every wiki with available bureaucrats. The process took a very long time, since it's difficult to coordinate crosswiki renames among the projects and bureaucrats involved in individual projects.

The SUL finalisation will be taking place in stages, and one of the first stages will be to turn off Special:RenameUser locally. This needs to be done as soon as possible, on advice and input from Stewards and engineers for the project, so that no more accounts that are unified globally are broken by a local rename to usurp the global account name. Once this is done, the process of global name unification can begin. The date that has been chosen to turn off local renaming and shift over to entirely global renaming is 15 September 2014, or three weeks time from now. In place of local renames is a new tool, hosted on Meta, that allows for global renames on all wikis where the name is not registered will be deployed.

Your help is greatly needed during this process and going forward in the future if, as a bureaucrat, renaming users is something that you do or have an interest in participating in. The Wikimedia Stewards have set up, and are in charge of, a new community usergroup on Meta in order to share knowledge and work together on renaming accounts globally, called Global renamers. Stewards are in the process of creating documentation to help global renamers to get used to and learn more about global accounts and tools and Meta in general as well as the application format. As transparency is a valuable thing in our movement, the Stewards would like to have at least a brief public application period. If you are an experienced renamer as a local bureaucrat, the process of becoming a part of this group could take as little as 24 hours to complete. You, as a bureaucrat, should be able to apply for the global renamer right on Meta by the requests for global permissions page on 1 September, a week from now.

In the meantime please update your local page where users request renames to reflect this move to global renaming, and if there is a rename request and the user has edited more than one wiki with the name, please send them to the request page for a global rename.

Stewards greatly appreciate the trust local communities have in you and want to make this transition as easy as possible so that the two groups can start working together to ensure everyone has a unique login identity across Wikimedia projects. Completing this project will allow for long-desired universal tools like a global watchlist, global notifications and many, many more features to make work easier.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the SUL finalisation, read over the Help:Unified login page on Meta and leave a note on the talk page there, or on the talk page for global renamers. You can also contact me on my talk page on meta if you would like. I'm working as a bridge between Wikimedia Foundation Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Stewards, and you to assure that SUL finalisation goes as smoothly as possible; this is a community-driven process and I encourage you to work with the Stewards for our communities.

Thank you for your time. -- Keegan (WMF) talk 2014-nî 8-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 1) 18:24 (UTC)

--This message was sent using MassMessage. Was there an error? Report it!

Question of establishing Robot[kái goân-sí-bé]

汝好,我最近佇咱河洛版本亓Wiki創建了大量亓文章。因為我本儂對行政方面亓代誌無了解,毋過對建設本Wiki亓文章數量,有真大亓熱情;所以,我想卜申請一隻robot,會使麻煩汝共我鬥相工一下嘸?多謝汝!--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 3-goe̍h 15-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 06:35 (UTC)

我拄陣仔家己建立一個帳號User:S205643bot,敢是按呢創?--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 3-goe̍h 15-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 07:35 (UTC)

How to add interwiki links by using bot?[kái goân-sí-bé]

I start to use AutoWikiBrowser to establish many categories on Ban-lam-gu Wikipedia; however, I cannot add interwiki links automatically by using my bot. I know you own a bot, so I am wondering that maybe you know how to do it, do you? I do know how to add interwiki links by using [[language abbreviation:corresponding page]], but my problem is it cannot link to all languages like what can be done by manually editing links. Is there any code to accomplish what I want to do?--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 6-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 6) 02:21 (UTC)

I tried to add the code like '''[[d:qxxxxxxxx]]''', but it can't meet what I want.--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 6-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 6) 02:24 (UTC)

"Depth" of Wikipedia[kái goân-sí-bé]

自我開始使用機器儂,我就會去看咱河老版的排名。我發現講,表單亓上後壁有一項數據號做「Depth」,伊亓計算方式是生做Edits/Articles × Non-Articles/Articles × [1−Stub-ratio]。感覺這項數據會使看出一個版本的素質是好是bái。所以,若是大量建立新條目亓同時,koh會使增加「類別」、「重定向」、「編輯次數」等等亓數量,就會使順便提升這項數據。比論講,汝會使佇建立「XXX Kūn」條目了後,順sóah擱對「XXX-kūn」重定向過來這頁,加一個「Non-article」,分子就增加,這項數據就會提升。佇漢語族亓維基內面,閩南語目前排佇第5:

  • English:888
  • 贛語:221
  • 中文:147
  • 吳語:94
  • 粵語:32
  • 閩南語:29
  • 閩東語:14
  • 客家語:8
  • 文言:0

雖然這項數據無代表絕對亓好bái,但是我想若是咱亓文章數量佮其他數據攏真好看,一定會有愈來愈濟儂注意著咱亓版本。--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 6-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Pài 1) 13:47 (UTC)

多謝汝注意這項數字,我來做一寡重定向看覓。-Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 6-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Pài 1) 14:50 (UTC)

真歡喜汝會使採納我亓意見,若是技術容允,希望汝會使擱建立新創建亓文章亓討論頁(加添{{talk}}板模),我真希望會使共深度亓數字維持佇30外。--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 7-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 4) 08:59 (UTC)

編輯對話[kái goân-sí-bé]

Luuva兄汝好,我有對中文版本共template:bd轉過來咱河佬版,若欲起造新亓人物文章,有關生死年日月,會使使用這個板模,伊會自動增加彼個人物亓生死亓類別。--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 7-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 4) 16:02 (UTC)

Tō-siā. Góa khah bô koàn-sì ēng hit-ê template. Nā ū siūⁿ tio̍h chia̍h ka chi̍t--ê. -Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 7-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 4) 16:15 (UTC)

汝好,關於ián-goân佮ián-oân亓寫法,我想保留ián-goân彼个應該較好,毋知汝亓考慮是啥乜?是按怎愛共in徙徙去ián-oân?--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 7-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 14:03 (UTC)

汝好,因為最近發現辭典頂面對「員」主要个寫法是oân,會當講oân是較正確个寫法,我較早毋捌,想講oân是毋著个,所以攏用goân,嘛共本來Chùn-hiàn就有創建个ián-oân類別徙去ián-goân。因為ane,我前幾工主要是共進前無須要改動个Category:Ián-oân改轉來原來無毋著个寫法,其他下底个類別或者是文章我無確定是毋是有須要改,若汝感覺用goân嘛真好勢,我就袂閣繼續徙頁。-Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 7-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 16:29 (UTC)

汝好,自我申請欲做管理員到旦已經真久矣;當初有意願欲做管理員是想講欲鬥翻譯維基介面、編輯頭頁等等。雖然目前猶原無成做管理員,但是我已經共頭頁上面頂亓版模做好勢矣,佇遮:{{Thâu-ia̍h/Bīn-téng}}。這是參考越南語亓頭頁版模來改變兮,希望汝會使幫我共伊囥佇咧頭頁面頂試看覓咧,若是好勢敢會使就直接開始使用?我感覺咱亓頭頁比起別款語言亓版本,真正傷過「陽春」矣!--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 1) 01:10 (UTC)

Phái-sè in-ūi 換行 ê būn-tê góa ū sió-khóa kái kòe "width" kap "text-align". Góa chhì kòe kā khǹg tī thâu-ia̍h [4], lí khòaⁿ hó-sè bô. Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 1) 05:22 (UTC)

To-siā lí, àn-ne chin hó-sè! Nā ē-sái, chiū kā hit-ê pang-bô͘ pó-hō͘ khí-lâi, mâ-hoân ah. Lēng-gōa, chioh-mn̄g kóan-lí-oân ê sin-chhéng tāi-iok lóng ài gōa-kú chiah ē thong-kòe?--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 1) 05:38 (UTC)

Koán-lí-oân ê soán-kí chìn-chêng lóng m̄-sī góa teh chhù-lí, só͘-í bô chiok chheng-chhó su-iàu sî-kan. Nā chiàu chêng 2 kái lâi khoàⁿ, lóng chhiau-kòe 3 kò goe̍h. M̄-koh góa sió-tán ē-tàng seng thong-kòe tâu-phiò, pang lí siat koán-lí-oân kong-lêng, nā í-āu ū lâng hoán-tùi chia̍h kóng. An-ne lí mā hong-piān ka-tī khì pian thâu-ia̍h. -Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 1) 12:21 (UTC)

Chin to-siā!--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 1) 13:41 (UTC)

失禮,我閣來共汝攪擾矣。我想欲共Wikipedia:Chhiūⁿ-bāng這頁囥佇介面邊仔Ke-si kheh-á內面亓Kā tóng-àn chiūⁿ-bāng彼頁,就親像中文版亓介面按呢。行政人員敢是無法度進行這個動作?--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 19-ji̍t (Pài 3) 10:42 (UTC)

Khó-lêng sī tī MediaWiki:Sidebar chia kái, siông-sè [5] ū soeh-bêng. Góa bô kái--kòe, só͘-í bô chiok chheng-chhó. Khó-lêng sī ài tī siōng ē-té ka 1-tōa chhin-chhiūⁿ a-ne:
*Ke-si kheh-á
**Wikipedia:Chhiūⁿ-bāng|Kā tóng-àn chiūⁿ-bāng

Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 4) 06:18 (UTC)

Góa ká-ná kóng m̄ tio̍h, ài koh chhì khòaⁿ māi. Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 22-ji̍t (Pài 6) 13:01 (UTC)
Sa bô ài án-chóaⁿ chèng-khak siu-kái, khó-lêng ài lâi MediaWiki:Common.js ēng javascript 取代 pún-lâi ê jī.Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 24-ji̍t (Pài 1) 09:27 (UTC)
Luuva lí-hó, Holopedia í-keng lâi kàu 90,000-gōa phiⁿ bûn-chiuⁿ ah, chin chiap-kīn 100,000 phiⁿ. Khòaⁿ lí tī Tiong-bûn Wiki sī chè-tô͘ choan-ka, ē-ēng mâ-hoân lí pang-bâng siat-kè chhan-chhiūⁿ Korean Wikipedia logo variants án-ne ê logo bô? Chin to-siā.--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 12-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 3) 09:06 (UTC)
Lí-hó S205643, góa ē-tàng chò khòaⁿ māi, m̄ koh ài tán kòe 2 kang á liáu-āu khah ū sî-kan. Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 12-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 5) 18:21 (UTC)
Chin to-siā. Bô kóaⁿ-kín, lí ū-êng chiah ta̍uh-ta̍uh-á chò tiō hó!--S205643 (對話) 2015-nî 12-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 6) 03:25 (UTC)

請問管理人員敢有大量批次保護亓功能通好用?一頁一頁落~保護有影忝。--S205643 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 6) 08:28 (UTC)

Lí tī "siat-tēng" ē-té ê "gadget/小工具" hit khu phah khui "Twinkle" kong-lêng (liáu-āu ē chhut-hiān tī ia̍h téng ê "TW" soán-hāng), tī ē-tàng pó-hō͘ ê ia̍h èng-kai ē-tàng soán chi̍t-ê "P-batch", èng-kai chiō sī tōa-liōng pó-hō͘ ê kong-lêng. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 6) 11:39 (UTC)
Thau-seng sió-khóa gián-kiù chi̍t-ē-á, iōng TW gadget, nā tī Lūi-pia̍t ia̍h, ē-tàng pó-hō͘ kui-ê lūi-pia̍t lāi ê ia̍h-bīn, nā tī ū "子頁面" ê ia̍h, ē-táng pó-hō͘ só͘-ū 子頁面, kî-tha kong-lēng góa iáu bô chheng-chó. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 6) 11:44 (UTC)

讚讚讚,這著是我欲愛的!多謝你,我這个管理員無及格,見笑,見笑。雖然目前無欲用,但是敢有大量徙頁的功能?--S205643 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 6) 11:50 (UTC)

Bián 見笑, góa ka-tī mā m̄-bat ēng kòe..; nā 大量徙頁 hong-bīn, tû-liáu sóa-ia̍h kài-bīn ū "移動子頁面" (sóa choân-pō͘ 子頁面) ê kong-lêng, ná chhiūⁿ bô-hoat-tō͘ tōa-liōng sóa it-poaⁿ ia̍h-bīn. M̄-koh chhiūⁿ pywikibot ia̍h kî-tha ke-khì-lâng thêng-sek lóng ū che kong-lêng thang lī-ēng; AutoWikiBrowser khó-lêng mā ū hong-piān chhau-chok sóa-ia̍h ê kong-lêng. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 6) 14:40 (UTC)

好,了解,我會來研究看覓咧。另外,閣問一下,咱遮現在是無special:import的功能是毋?--S205643 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 6) 16:15 (UTC)

m... góa m̄-chai-iáⁿ chit-ê kong-lêng chèng-siông sī seⁿ siáⁿ-mi̍h khoán. Khòaⁿ--khì-lâi èng-kai sī 預設 bô khai-hòng--ê, lí ē-tàng chham-khó phabricator téng-bīn ê chit-ê thó-lūn khòaⁿ māi, nā ū su-iàu khó-lêng sī ài kòe phabricator chhōe ki-su̍t-oân kā kong-lêng siat khai-hòng hō koán-lí-oân. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 28-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 08:04 (UTC)

看來真複雜,煞煞去,若有需要chiah koh講。多謝你e幫贊。--S205643 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 2) 13:46 (UTC)

2020[kái goân-sí-bé]

@Luuva: Luuva hiaⁿ lí hó, kú bô liân-lo̍k, sin-nî kiong-hí! Chhiáⁿ-mn̄g chi̍t-ē, nā beh tōa-liōng thâi-tû bûn-chiuⁿ, tû-liáu Special:Nuke, iáu-koh ū siáⁿ-mi̍h hong-sek bô? Góa siūⁿ beh têng siá Lūi-pia̍t:Lō͘-se-a ê chiu lāi-bīn ê bûn-chiuⁿ, siūⁿ beh seng thâi-tiāu chiah têng kiàn, m̄-koh in-ūi hia-ê bûn-chiuⁿ sī góa chiâⁿ kú í-chêng siá--ê, Nuke ê kong-lêng bô-hoat-tō͘ oân-sêng.--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 09:52 (UTC)

@Lamchuhan:, sin-nî kiong-hí!. Lí nā ēng pywikibot, thang ēng i hù ê script chò chit lō khang-khòe, pí-lūn (ùi terminal ia̍h "命令提示字元", ji̍p-khì pwb.py só͘ tī ê 資料夾) phah:
python pwb.py delete -cat:"Lō͘-se-a ê chiu"
Thang kā choân pō͘ tī "Lō͘-se-a ê chiu" lūi-pia̍t ē-té ê 頁 thâi tiāu (詳細用法) --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 3) 06:44 (UTC)

@A-lú-mih: Góa ēng pywikibot lóng sī tī Pycharm téng-thâu ēng console khì cháu--ê (chú-iàu sī the̍h lâi chhiau Wikidata ê chu-liāu kap sò͘-kì), m̄-bat ēng terminal khì bú chi̍t-kóa hêng-chèng ê tāi-chì, só͘-í kóng chiâⁿ-si̍t--ê, góa bōe-hiáu ēng pywikibot ê script, chí ē-hiáu chhiūⁿ teh ēng Numpy hit-chióng hâm-sek-khò͘ import lâi ēng niā-niā. Chit hong-bīn lí kám ē-tàng kà góa?--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 3) 09:07 (UTC)

Góa tú-chiah chhōe PyCharm lâi gián-kiù, hoat-kiàn lāi-té oân-nā ū terminal thang ēng. In-ūi phah-jī bô hó ké-soeh, gōa chhòng chi̍t-ê iáⁿ-phìⁿ, lí thang chham-khó khòaⁿ-māi. 1:10 chìn-chn̂g sī siat-tēng ēng-chiá (iáⁿ-phìⁿ lāi-té góa ēng A-lú-mih, bô ēng A-lú-mih-bot, in-ūi ài koán-lí kháu-chō chiah thang thâi-ia̍h). 1:45 āu-piah sī thâi chi̍t-ê Lūi-pia̍t ē-té ê ia̍h. (tiong-ng hit tōaⁿ sī sit-gō͘, ē-tàng thiàu--kòe) --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 3) 14:33 (UTC)

To-siā lí, góa chin su-iàu chit-khoán iáⁿ-phìⁿ kà-ha̍k, bô tiān-náu ê mi̍h-kiāⁿ ū-iáⁿ bū-sà-sà. Góa thàn chit-chām ū-êng lâi o̍h chò khòaⁿ-māi. Pháiⁿ-sè ke hō͘ lí bú chiah chē.--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 3) 15:15 (UTC)

Súi--lah! Góa liáu-kái beh án-chóaⁿ chò--ah, chin kám-siā lí. Góa í-chêng lóng kā CHE tòng-chò sī ta̍k-ke só͘ kóng ê "pywikibot", chit nn̄g ê èng-kai bô-kāng? Góa ū chi̍t ê būn-tê, jû-kó góa kái beh ēng góa-ê bot kháu-chō cháu pat-chióng script, tio̍h sī ài koh chiàu iáⁿ-phìⁿ lāi siāng thâu-chêng án-ne têng siá user-config.py tóng-àn?--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 3) 16:27 (UTC)

1. Lí kóng--ê hite kah góa iōng--ê sī sio-kâng ê mi̍h, sī góa khui project ê sî-chūn hō bô-kâng miâ niā-niā.
Che góa kóng m̄-tio̍h khì, ēng pip chng ê hit thò bô hâm ki-pún ê script, ài lēng-gōa koh download. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 2) 10:57 (UTC)
2. M̄-bián. Tû-hui lí beh kái siat-tēng. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 3) 18:26 (UTC)

Liáu-kái! To-siā lí, lí án-ne kā góa kà liáu-āu, góa mā chóng-sǹg ē-hiáu kí-it-hoán-sam lâi khì ēng pat-chióng script ah. Góa it-poaⁿ sī ēng pwb tī console siá hôe-khoan khì chhiau Wikidata ê chu-liāu, chiah koh ēng Chū-tōng Ûi-ki Liû-lám-khì lâi khì siá bûn-chiuⁿ, m̄-koh án-ne chò jîn-kang iáu sī ài hùi chiâⁿ chē, chò kú--ah ū-iáⁿ thiám. Kīn-kî góa ū siūⁿ beh kái ēng sûn Python ê hong-sek khì bú bī-lâi ê bûn-chiuⁿ kap lūi-pia̍t kiàn-tì, chí-sī m̄-chai kám ū hoat-tō͘ kiat-ha̍p siá tī console lāi ê hôe-khoan kap lí kà góa ê terminal, ēng CHE khì siá, ta̍t-sêng sûi lia̍h sûi siá ê bo̍k-piau?--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 8-ji̍t (Pài 6) 15:57 (UTC)

Kî-si̍t góa mā ū teh gián-kiù, kā lí o̍h beh án-chóaⁿ ēng terminal khì cháu liáu-āu MediaWiki ê bûn-kiāⁿ mā chiām-chiām khòaⁿ-ū--ah, lēng-gōa chū-tōng siá bûn-chiuⁿ hong-bīn mā chha-put-to ū chho͘-pō͘ siūⁿ chhut beh án-chóaⁿ chò--ah, chí-sī chhiūⁿ lí kóng tio̍h--ê, "Sleep for xxx second" ê būn-tê ū-iáⁿ mâ-hoân!--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 10-ji̍t (Pài 1) 03:45 (UTC)

"Sleep" ê būn-tê, kā user_config.py lāi-té ê maxlag sò͘-jī kái khah sió ia̍h khah tōa ná-chhiūⁿ ū hāu (bô khak-tēng). Nā lia̍h chu-liāu siá bûn-chiong ê script, góa chia ū chi̍t-ê kiàn-pún, lí ē-tàng chham-khó khòaⁿ-māi. Kā lán ka-tī siá ê script khǹg tī scripts/userscripts, án-ne ē-tàng lī-ēng python pwb.py script_homia khì chi̍p-hêng.


import pywikibot
from pywikibot.pagegenerators import WikidataSPARQLPageGenerator

wikidata_site = pywikibot.Site("wikidata", "wikidata")
local_site = pywikibot.Site()

p39 = "Q19057726"
query_string = f"SELECT ?item WHERE {{?item wdt:P39 wd:{p39} .}}"

generator = WikidataSPARQLPageGenerator(query_string, site=wikidata_site)

for wd_item in generator:

    if "zh_min_nanwiki" in wd_item.sitelinks:
        pywikibot.output("Chi̍t-ê jîn-bu̍t lán í-keng ū--ah, thiàu--kòe!")

    # Eng-gí wikipedia ēng ê title
    title = wd_item.sitelinks["enwiki"].canonical_title()

    # Chún-pī page
    page = pywikibot.Page(local_site, title)

    if page.exists():
        pywikibot.output("Ū kâng-miâ ê ia̍h tī--leh, thiàu-kòe!")

    if "P18" in wd_item.claims:
        image = wd_item.claims["P18"][0].getTarget().title()

        # Ka-thiam siòng-phìⁿ 
        page.text = f"[[{image}|thumb|{title}]]\n"

    # Wikitext: Tē-it kù ōe.
    page.text += f"'''{title}''' sī [[Rwanda]] ê Chóng-thóng."

    if "P19" in wd_item.claims:
        birthplace = wd_item.claims["P19"][0].getTarget().get()["labels"]["en"]
        # Ka-thiam tē-jī kù ōe    
        page.text += f" I sī ùi [[{birthplace}]] chhut-sì."

    # Ka-thiam lūi-pia̍t
    page.text += "\n\n[[Lūi-pia̍t:Rwanda ê Chóng-thóng]]"

    # Chun-tóng (khui sin page)
    page.save("BOT: Chiàu Wikidata ê chu-liāu siá--ê.")

    sitelink = {"site": "zh_min_nanwiki", "title": title}

    # Tī wikidata ka-thiam liân-kiat
Hó, góa lâi gián-kiù khòaⁿ-māi, to-siā lí ê pang-chān.--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 11-ji̍t (Pài 2) 08:03 (UTC)
Chòe-kīn khó-lêng ē tu̍t-phòaⁿ 25 bān phiⁿ, khòaⁿ lí nā ū-êng kám ē-tàng chò chi̍t ê kì-liām logo?--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 11-ji̍t (Pài 2) 08:04 (UTC)

Chhiáⁿ-mn̄g lí, pí-lūn chit phiⁿ: Soldatovo, góa ū tī Infobox lāi hē {{coord}} pang-bô͘, m̄-koh pushpin map sī-án-chóaⁿ bô-hoat-tō͘ hián-sī neh? Bo̍k-chiân nā Wikidata hia ū tē-lí chō-piau ê chu-liāu, chiū ē tit-chia̍p ēng hia-ê chu-liāu, nā Wikidata bô chu-liāu m̄-koh pún-tē ū siat-tēng, chiàu-lí èng-kai mā ài ū?--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 13-ji̍t (Pài 4) 12:35 (UTC)

Góa khòaⁿ sī lán chit-pêng ê {{Infobox Settlement}} bô chhiūⁿ Eng-gí-pán hit-le thang ti̍t-chiap ēng coordinates 參數 siat pushpin map. Nā ēng...
tiō thang chhut tē-tô͘. Só͘-í chit-má khòaⁿ sī beh kā pang-bô͘ kái hō͘ kap Eng-gí-pán kâng-khoán, ia̍h sī kái ēng téng-bīn ê 參數 kì 座標. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Pài 5) 08:05 (UTC)

Liáu-kái, seng chiàu bo̍k-chiân kè-sio̍k ēng tio̍h hó ah. Lēng-gōa (giú phiò sî-kan), lí kám ē-tàng lâi Wikipedia:Hêng-chèng jîn-oân tâu-phiò, chi-chhî góa chò koaⁿ-liâu, to-siā!--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 19-ji̍t (Pài 3) 23:21 (UTC)

Bô būn-tê --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 4) 08:40 (UTC)

Kî-koài, goán-ê kài-bīn ná ē hō͘ lâng kái chò Tiong-bûn--ê khoán!!!--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 2) 00:59 (UTC)

Góa á-bōe teng-ji̍p chìn-chêng, ē khòaⁿ tio̍h kài-bīn pìⁿ chò liû-lám-khì siat-tēng ê giân-gí. Kòe-khì Eng-gí ia̍h Hôa-gí pán khòaⁿ mā ū chitlō chêng-hêng. Chóng-sī m̄-chai siáⁿ goân-in. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 2) 09:16 (UTC)

Liáu-kái, chit-má ná-chhiūⁿ chèng-siông--ah. Chhiáⁿ-mn̄g chi̍t-ē, category.py kám ū hoat-tō͘ chhiūⁿ delete.py ēng -pairsfile: khì cháu?--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 2-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Pài 6) 07:31 (UTC)

Chhiáⁿ-mn̄g lí, nā kóng góa ū siòng-phìⁿ beh hē ji̍p-khì pang-bô͘ lāi ê chham-sò͘ (pí-lūn kóng |image_map), ia̍h-sī cheng-ka chi̍t ê pang-bô͘ ê chham-sò͘, kám ū pān-hoat ēng Pywikibot ê hong-sek tēng-ūi? (in-ūi bo̍k-chiân góa lóng ēng it-poaⁿ string chhú-lí ê hong-sek teh bú, ū-tang-sî-á chóng-sī ē chhut-hiān lē-gōa).--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 7-ji̍t (Pài 6) 04:56 (UTC)

Tú-á-hó góa chìn-chêng ū chhōe tio̍h Pywikibot ū chi̍t kóa ke-si thang chhù-lí pang-bô͘:
from pywikibot.textlib import extract_templates_and_params, glue_template_and_params
1. extract_templates_and_params ē-tàng tùi goân-sú-bé lāi-té chhōe chhut pang-bô͘ chu-liāu. Chu-liāu keh-sek print chhut-lâi khòaⁿ māi to̍h chai.
2. glue_template_and_params ē-tàng kā dictionary khoán ê chu-liāu choán chò pang-bô͘ wikitext
Góa khah òaⁿ chiah siá ho͘ siông-sè. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 7-ji̍t (Pài 6) 11:55 (UTC)

Góa goân-té chí-sī siūⁿ kóng mn̄g khòaⁿ-māi, ū iā hó, bô iā hó; bô siūⁿ kàu kì-jiân chin-chiàⁿ ū chit-khoán ke-si! Hó, chhiáⁿ lí koh pó-chhiong, in-ūi góa chòe-kīn siūⁿ-beh chhòng-kiàn Lūi-pia̍t:Iran ê chng-thâu ê tōa-liōng bûn-chiuⁿ, m̄-koh tī string chhú-lí hong-bīn ū chi̍t-kóa būn-tê, chin gāi-gio̍h.--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 7-ji̍t (Pài 6) 13:37 (UTC)

Súi--lah, góa ē-hiáu ēng ah, hui-siông to-siā lí, lí chin-chiàⁿ bat chiâⁿ chē neh.--Lamchuhan-bot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 7-ji̍t (Pài 6) 15:56 (UTC)

Sī kóng góa āu--lâi hoat-kiàn nā beh kā kái kòe ê pang-bô͘ khǹg ji̍p goân-lâi ê wikitext sī koh ài chi̍t kóa chhù-lí. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 8-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 16:23 (UTC)

Siáⁿ-mih ì-sù? Kî-si̍t góa bo̍k-chiân sī chí-ū ēng tio̍h extract ê kong-lêng (lia̍h Eng-gí pán ê pang-bô͘), glue ê kong-lêng chiām-sî iáu bô ēng tio̍h, mā iáu bô khì chhim-ji̍p lí-kái, m̄-koh khòaⁿ lí kám ū-êng sió-kóa kái-soeh khòaⁿ-māi, hō͘ góa ū chi̍t-kóa kài-liām?--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 1) 00:05 (UTC)

Lēng-gōa, kám ē-tàng pang góa khui-thong Iōng-chiá:Lamchuhan-hcbot chit-ê ke-khì-lâng kháu-chō? Góa siūⁿ-beh hām góa goân-té hit chiah hun-kang chi̍t-ē, chit chiah lia̍h lâi chò hêng-chèng (hc) ê tāi-chì, chhin-chhiūⁿ sóa-ia̍h, thâi-ia̍h, lūi-pia̍t hun-lūi, hoan-gêng chi-lūi--ê; jû-kó ū khó-lêng, ē-tàng hâm koán-lí-oân sin-hūn bô? Tī tōa-liōng thâi-tû ê sî-chūn ē-tàng ēng.--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 1) 00:10 (UTC)
Góa hoat-hiān góa pêng-siông teh siá bûn-chiuⁿ chí ē-tàng sǹg sī pòaⁿ-chū-tōng ê bot, chin-chiàⁿ choân-chū-tōng ê bot lí kám bat? Pí-lūn chò chi̍t-kóa chū-tōng hoan-gêng ê tōng-chok hit khoán ê, m̄-koh nā án-ne ke-khì-lâng ê thêng-sek ài hē tī tó-ūi?--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 1) 05:10 (UTC)
  1. Koan-hē pang-bô͘ hit pō͘-hūn, chiàu lí ēng-hoat èng-tong bô bûn-tê. Góa pún-té sī siūⁿ kóng lí sī beh siu-kái í-keng khui hó ê bûn-chiong. Góa ka-tī ē koh gián-kiù khòaⁿ, liáu-āu chiah koh pho͘ chi̍t kóa kiàn-pún.
  2. Koán-lí-khoân ê bot èng-tong sī ē-tàng, Eng-gí-pán ū chit hong-bīn ê mi̍h-kiāⁿ [6], lán ē-tàng chham-khó.
  3. Lí ì-sù kám-sī kóng tēng-sî ka-tī khí-tōng, bián lâng ūn-choán ê bot? Góa ka-tī sī m̄-bat án-ne chò. Mā m̄-chai pa̍t-ê wiki ēng siáⁿ hong-hoat. Góa ē-tàng siūⁿ tio̍h ê hong-sek sī khǹg tī bó͘ chi̍t-ê server (ka-tī ê tiān-náu mā sī ū khó-lêng, chóng-sī ài chiàu sî-kan pó-chhî khui-ki kiam liân bāng-lō͘), phòe-ha̍p en:cron ia̍h sī kî-tha sio-siâng lō͘-iōng ê ke-si ka-tī chiàu sî-kan ūn-choán.

--A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 1) 05:32 (UTC)

  1. Liáu-kái, góa bo̍k-chiân khó-lêng iáu bōe iōng tio̍h, m̄-koh mā bô pâi-tû bī-lâi ē koh tńg-khì khok-chhiong khah-chá chhòng ê bûn-chiuⁿ.
  2. To-siā, tú-chiah khòaⁿ tio̍h ah.
  3. Tio̍h, góa khòaⁿ pa̍t-ūi ê bot lóng ē chū-tōng hoan-gêng lâng, siūⁿ kóng in kám sī kā bot ti̍t-chiap siá tī bāng-ia̍h téng. Khòaⁿ-lâi iáu sī seng î-chhî hiān-chōng hó ah, góa èng-kai bô hit-ê châi-tiāu bú hit khoán ê tāi-chì, hah hah.--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 1) 08:44 (UTC)

Chòe-kīn hêng-chèng-khu siá kah io̍k-beh liáu--ah, siūⁿ-kóng bī-lâi beh lâi bú seng-bu̍t bu̍t-chéng hong-bīn ê bûn-chiuⁿ, khòaⁿ thang chhiong kàu gō͘-la̍k-cha̍p bān bô. Lí tùi chit hong-bīn bûn-chiuⁿ ê kiàn-li̍p kám ū kài-liām? Pún-tē ê kiàn-tì chìn-tō͘ kám sī 0? M̄-chai ùi toh chi̍t ê pán-pún lâi lia̍h chu-liāu khah hó?--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 1) 15:05 (UTC)

Lēng-gōa, lí chhòng-siat ê hit-ê Tâi-oân-pit kám sī beh oân-choân ēng Pe̍h-ōe-jī pheng-siá gōa-lâi-gí?--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 1) 15:06 (UTC)

Góa khah-chá sī pat ēng bot khui chi̍t kóa hî-lūi ê chéng, m̄-koh hit-chūn ná-chhiūⁿ koh bē-hiáu siá script, khó-lêng sī ēng pagefromfile khui--ê. Lēng-gōa góa chai-iáⁿ chit kúi-tang ū chi̍t chiah bot tī sv kap ceb téng-téng pán-pún chhòng bē-chió seng-bu̍t chéng-lūi ê bûn-chiuⁿ (pí-lūn ceb:Sisyra_brunnea), hoān-sè thang chham-khó i siá ê mi̍h. Nā Tâi-oân-pit hit hong-bīn góa iáu bô khak-tēng ê siūⁿ-hoat. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 17-ji̍t (Pài 2) 11:49 (UTC)

Hó góa liáu-kái--ah. Chia ū Tiong-bûn pán-pún hia ê lâng thê-kiong ê SPARQL tóng-àn, góa m̄ chai beh án-chóaⁿ tha̍k, lí kám ē-hiáu?--Lamchuhan (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 17-ji̍t (Pài 2) 13:22 (UTC)

He ná-chhiūⁿ sī chi̍t-ê XML tóng-àn, ēng phó͘-thong thang tha̍k 純文本 ê thêng-sek èng-tong tiō ē-tàng khòaⁿ. Chóng-sī góa chiàu he liân-kiat tī [7] su-ji̍p chha-sûn ê gí-hoat, chhut-lâi [8] ēng-tong sī kâng-khoán ê chu-liāu (chhiáⁿ ji̍h tò-chhiú-pêng ē-té hit-lia̍p ▶), chhut-lâi kiat-kó liáu-āu chiàⁿ-chhiú-pêng ē-té ū Download kè-sek thang kéng. Sin hoat-hiān: piⁿ-á koh chi̍t-ê "Code", phah-khui lāi-té ū chi̍t hāng sī "Python (Pywikibot)", sī chhâ hia chu-liāu ê pywikibot script siá-hoat.. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 17-ji̍t (Pài 2) 14:26 (UTC)

Hó, góa khah òaⁿ lâi chhì khòaⁿ-māi leh, to-siā. M̄-koh kīn-kî khó-lêng bô-hoat-tō͘ siá, hoan-e̍k ê khang-khòe nā ēng jîn-kang ē bú kah sí, chòe-kīn khó-lêng ē seng lâi kiàn-li̍p hàn-jī & hàn-jī-sû kap Pe̍h-ōe-jī tùi-e̍k ê chu-liāu-khò͘ kap thêng-sek, bo̍k-chiân sī siūⁿ beh ka-kī bú (ū chho͘-pō͘ ê siūⁿ-hoat), ia̍h-sī m̄-chai lí kám chai-iáⁿ ū siáⁿ-mi̍h lâng siá hó-sè ê thang hó ēng neh?--Taigiholic (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 19-ji̍t (Pài 4) 00:02 (UTC)

About uploading files[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hello! Sorry to type in Englis with my smart phone. I was wondering whether I am able to upload images to local Wikipedia? It is only for koan-li jin-goan now. Can you help me?--Sunshine567 (對話) 2015-nî 8-goe̍h 31-ji̍t (Pài 1) 15:59 (UTC)

Hello, I think the file could be uploaded to our local wikipedia via Special:Upload. (But if the file could be licensed under "CC-BY-SA" or "Public Domain" than it would be better uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.) Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 9-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Pài 2) 05:19 (UTC)

It seems that something should be switched for enabling the local-upload function, here and here. Could you help solving the problem?--Sunshine567 (對話) 2015-nî 10-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 05:01 (UTC)

Sorry I didn't know that only administrators could upload the file locally. And since the configuring needs to edit the php file (a server-side configuration), I don't have the permission to do it as a bureaucrat/adminstrator. I'll make an issue on Wikipedia:Chhiū-á-kha for discussion about this. Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 10-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 08:34 (UTC)

Luuva Hiaⁿ, lí-hó.

Kheh-gí ê Wikipedia chī-mā bô͘koán-lí-goân. Góa siūⁿ-beh chhiáⁿ lí lâi-khì Kheh-gí ê Wikipedia chi-chhî góa chò koán-lí-goân! To-siā!

--Chrysolophus pictus (對話) 2015-nî 9-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Pài 2) 20:56 (UTC)

please move Siú-ní Te̍k-pia̍t-chhī to Seoul Te̍k-pia̍t-chhī, because "서울" has no Chinese character.-- 2015-nî 9-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 3) 10:11 (UTC)

Thanks for telling me. Though I'm not so sure which transliteration style is better. Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 9-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 3) 11:33 (UTC)

Deletion requests[kái goân-sí-bé]

I hope it is OK to write in English. I can only understand a tiny bit of Min Nan and can't write Min Nan at all.

I noticed that you reverted my edits requesting deletion of Mark Acheson and Omid Djalili. If you think these pages are useful to the Min Nan Wikipedia and should be kept, could you please fix them? As far as I can tell, "(name) sī Bí-kok ê ián-goân." means that the person is an American actor. Mark Acheson is not American. Omid Djalili is not American (the category does not match the text) and he is not an actor.

These pages are created by someone who creates pages in hundreds of languages. They don't speak the languages and they copy and paste the same text every time, so many of the pages they create are wrong. They have been globally blocked multiple times for their behaviour. Here, they always put the pages into Lūi-pia̍t:Bí-kok ián-goân ("American actors"?). I have not checked every page in the category, but I have found more which look wrong: Blaze Bayley, Daniel Day-Lewis, Richard Griffiths, Bob Hoskins, Michael Gough, Gary Oldman, Clive Dunn and Pam Ferris are not American. Mike Kellogg, Bernie Sanders, Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel are not actors.

Thanks - Nikki (對話) 2015-nî 9-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 3) 21:12 (UTC)

Sorry for revert your delete requests. I didn't noticed that the information on these pages were just wrong. I'll delete the incorrect ones or maybe fix some of them. And if you find more of this kind of pages, please feel free to request deletion again. Thanks. Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 10-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Pài 4) 06:55 (UTC)

Luuva hiaⁿ, chhiáⁿ lí lâi-khì Bân-tang-gí ê Wikipedia chi-chhî góa chòe koán-lí-goân! To-siā!--el caballero de los Leones (對話) 2015-nî 10-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 17:04 (UTC)

Sit-lé, góa bô tī cdo oa̍h-tāng, khó-lêng bô se̍k-ha̍p, mā phái-sè cháu khì hiá tâu-phiò, chhóng--sī chio̍k lí tòng-soán. Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 11-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 2) 13:22 (UTC)

删除请求[kái goân-sí-bé]

请管理员先生批量删除107.92.58.83107.92.61.13创建的所有毫无意义的页面。此人乃是屡教不改者,而且可能是open proxy。管理员貌似有批量删除的功能。-- 2015-nî 11-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 1) 10:15 (UTC)

多謝幫忙。這些大部分是舊頁面 (無法透過大量刪除的介面刪除),所以我直接恢復原來的舊內容 (redirect到年份)。Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 11-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 2) 13:11 (UTC)

請封禁119.230.252.246[kái goân-sí-bé]

這是長期流竄文言文、贛語、粵語維基百科的日本破壞者。你看他都寫了些什麽玩意。直接永久封禁算了。-- 2015-nî 11-goe̍h 23-ji̍t (Pài 1) 14:22 (UTC)

Chhiáⁿ lí siu-kái Thâu-ia̍h[kái goân-sí-bé]

Chhiáⁿ lí san-tû Thâu-ia̍h ē-kha ê goân-sú-bé " [[Lūi-pia̍t:Wikipedia| ]]<noinclude> " kah " [[Lūi-pia̍t:Thâu-ia̍h ê pang-bô͘| ]] </noinclude> ". Thâu-ia̍h m̄-iōng ka-thiam lūi-pia̍t (chhin-chhiūⁿ en:Main_Page hia).--El caballero de los Leones (對話) 2015-nî 12-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 3) 15:00 (UTC)

Góa kā "Lūi-pia̍t:Thâu-ia̍h ê pang-bô͘" chhú-siau, m̄ koh "Lūi-pia̍t:Wikipedia" lâu leh (ēng css kā Lūi-pia̍t hit ūi chhàng--khì-lâi). Luuva (對話) 2015-nî 12-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 5) 03:42 (UTC)

San kap soaⁿ?[kái goân-sí-bé]

借問,template:Taiwan Top 100 Peaks,漢字「山」是愛用啥物標準來翻譯較好?--Sunshine567 (對話) 2016-nî 1-goe̍h 8-ji̍t (Pài 5) 06:10 (UTC)

Bô chiok chheng-chhó sī-m̄-sī ū chi̍t thò piau-chún ē-tàng ēng. Góa sī kám-kak nā bô hoat-tō͘ phòaⁿ-toān ê sî, chio̍h ēng "soaⁿ", tek-pia̍t chai-iáⁿ it-poaⁿ kóng "san" ê sî, chiah ēng "san" chio̍h hó. Chit hong-bīn góa kaⁿ-taⁿ chai-iáⁿ ū chi̍t kóa koàn-sì, phì-jû: Nā goân-lâi sī Ji̍t-pún-miâ, it-poaⁿ Tâi-gí sī kóng "san" (chhhan-chhiūⁿ "Siū-san" [壽山]); Nā sī Hàn-jîn hō--ê miâ, it-poaⁿ ē kóng "soaⁿ" (chhan-chhiūⁿ "Chhâ-soaⁿ" [柴山]). M̄-koh mā ū chi̍t kóa Hàn-jîn hō-ê miâ m̄-chai-iáⁿ ūi-siáⁿ-mi̍h hiān-sî "san" khah liû-hêng (chhan-chhiūⁿ "Gio̍k-san"). Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 1-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 6) 17:43 (UTC)

(title added by Luuva)[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hi Luuva! I must write in English to speak to you: this page moving was O.K. (in fact the correct spelling is "Portobuffolé") while this is uncorrect. All the other Wikis have renamed their "Portobuffolé" articles correctly, could you please move back the page to its name with acute accent? Thank you!

Thanks, it seems the another spelling was accepted by most wikis, I'll move it shortly.Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 1-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 3) 19:13 (UTC)

Thanks to you for renaming the page with the correct name :-)

Ngôo sin-seⁿ seⁿ-ji̍t[kái goân-sí-bé]

Chhōe-tio̍h tōa-pō͘-hūn sī 1899. W hit-kang sin-siá 8 tiâu, góa siūⁿ sī i chhut-chhò.--Jasonzhuocn (對話) 2016-nî 2-goe̍h 23-ji̍t (Pài 2) 18:52 (UTC)

Kám-siā, kî-sit góa tī "台灣人士鑑" mā khòaⁿ tio̍h 2-ê lâng seⁿ-ji̍t nî-hūn kì chò 明治三十五年 kap 明治三十二年. Só͘-í mā khó-lêng sī Winertai ê chham-khó chu-liāu siá m̄-tio̍h. -Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 2-goe̍h 24-ji̍t (Pài 3) 08:33 (UTC)

iú koan oa/oe--ê chiàⁿ-jī-hoat[kái goân-sí-bé]

Kin-kù wikipedia:chiàⁿ-jī-hoat, kiàn-gī kā diacritics phiat-im hû-hō oē tī a/e bīn-téng. Hō͘ lí chham-khó.--Yoxem (對話) 2016-nî 4-goe̍h 6-ji̍t (Pài 3) 13:54 (UTC)

Tō-siā lí kā góa kóng che; m̄-chai tò chi̍t pán ê FHL su-ji̍p hoat kái tńg khah thoân-thóng ê "ōe" kap "ōa", hāi goá siūⁿ kóng góa chìn-chêng siá "oā", "oē" sī m̄-tio̍h--ê, bōe kì lih che sī chiàu wikipedia:chiàⁿ-jī-hoat ê siá-hoat. Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 4-goe̍h 6-ji̍t (Pài 3) 14:32 (UTC)

Participate in the Ibero-American Culture Challenge![kái goân-sí-bé]


Iberocoop has launched a translating contest to improve the content in other Wikipedia related to Ibero-American Culture.

We would love to have you on board :)

Please find the contest here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Translating_Ibero_-_America/Participants_2016

Hugs!--Anna Torres (WMAR) (對話) 2016-nî 5-goe̍h 10-ji̍t (Pài 2) 14:01 (UTC)

The subject is interesting but I might not have enough time to actually join the contest. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 5-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 4) 09:28 (UTC)

飞莫鱼然 sī chit ê cross wiki phò-hoāi-chiá kiàn-li̍p ê kóng-kò ia̍h, i tī chin choē gú-giân ê wikipedia kiàn-li̍p hit ia̍h, soan-thoân ka-kī (khoàⁿ zh:Wikipedia:持续出没的破坏者/User:Dsfsswec). Kun-kù Tiong-bûn pán-pún, 飞莫鱼然 che lâng bô-siáⁿ koan-chù-tō͘, í-keng hō͘ lâng thê-gī thâi-tû, só͘-í goá iā thê-gī chiong Bân-lâm-gú pán-pún ê ia̍h thâi-tû.

Hit ia̍h goân-lâi sī Tiong-bûn, iû Sunshine567 hoan-e̍k chêng Bân-lâm-gú pán-pún ê "Hui-bo̍k-gû-jiân". Im-ūi lé-māu, goá í-keng tī i ê thó-lūn ia̍h thong-ti liáu.-- 2016-nî 5-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Pài 6) 06:50 (UTC)

Sió-khóa gián-kiù chi̍t-leh-á, khòaⁿ--khì-lâi sī spam ê kám-kak, m̄-sī chhut-miâ ê chok-ka, góa ē chún-pī ka thâi tiāu. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 5-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Pài 6) 07:25 (UTC)

Koan-î ê ê iōng-hoat?[kái goân-sí-bé]

Goá teh chhòng-kiàn sin bûn-chiuⁿ ê sî-chūn, it-poaⁿ lóng ē chham-khó Ji̍t-pún-ōe, Hân-kok-ōe téng-téng kî-thaⁿ Tang A-chiu ōe-gú, chiah lâi koat-tēng bûn-chiuⁿ ê miâ-hō. Tān-sī goá ē cho-gū chi̍t ê būn-tê chiū sī: tàu-té sī Bí-kok tē-lí khah-hó, ia̍h-sī Bí-kok ê tē-lí khah-hó? Chhiūⁿ Ji̍t-pún-ōe kap Hân-kok-ōe lóng ê ka chi̍t ê ia̍h-sī , tān-sī Tiong-bûn soah bô. Goá iā chham-khó kî-thaⁿ ōe-gú, hoat-hiān Eng-gí ū of, Tek-bûn iōng der, Hoat-bûn iōng des, ah Se-pan-gâ-bûn iōng de téng-téng. Só͘-í m̄-chāi-iáⁿ koh-hā ê siūⁿ-hoat sī án-choáⁿ?--Sunshine567 (對話) 2016-nî 5-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 1) 09:41 (UTC)

Si̍t-chāi tùi chit kiāⁿ būn-tê bô chin chheng-chhó ê siūⁿ-hoat. Nā sī hō͘ góa ka-tī kéng, khó-lêng khah ài ēng "OO ê OOO", in-ūi ì-sù khah chheng-chhó. M̄-koh lán kóng ê ōe ná chhiūⁿ chiâⁿ koàn-sì kā bêng-sû ti̍t-chiap tàu chò-hóe (m̄-koh góa kám-kak Hō-ló-ōe sī ū pí Tiong-bûn koh khah koàn-sì tī bêng-sû tiong-ng ka chiūⁿ ê chit lūi ê 介詞). Lēng-gōa, ū 1 kóa khah kán-tan siōng hó ka "ê" ê chêng-hêng, pí-lūn "Bí-kok ê tāi-ha̍k" khó-lêng pí "Bí-kok tāi-ha̍k" khah thò-tòng, in-ūi chin ū khó-lêng chin-chiàⁿ ū 1 kóa tāi-ha̍k kiò chò "[kok-ka ê miâ] tāi-ha̍k". Kî-tha goá ē-tàng kóng goân-choàn sī khòaⁿ ka-tī tha̍k--khì-lâi ê kám-kak, phì-jū kóng nā āu-piàu hit jī ka-taⁿ chi̍t-ê im-chat (ex. "soaⁿ"), ná-chhiūⁿ ka ê (ex. "Ji̍t-pún ê soaⁿ") tha̍k--khì-lâi khah sūn, ì-sū mā khah chheng-chhó. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 5-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 1) 18:21 (UTC)

Cha̍p-gō͘-bān phiⁿ bûn-chiuⁿ ta̍t-sêng[kái goân-sí-bé]

Cha̍p-gō͘-bān phiⁿ bûn-chiuⁿ í-keng ta̍t-sêng. Lán kám ū beh chham téng-piàn kāng-khoán chhòng chi̍t ê kì-liām ê phiau-chì? Koh-hā nā sî-kan ún-chún, kám thang koh mâ-hoân iû lí lâi siat-kè?--S205643 (對話) 2016-nî 6-goe̍h 17-ji̍t (Pài 5) 14:04 (UTC)

Góa ē-tàng lâi ōe khòaⁿ māi, m̄ koh chit-má iáu bô siūⁿ tio̍h beh án-chóaⁿ piáu-hiān, nā koh-hā ia̍h sī pa̍t-lâng ū siūⁿ-beh chè-chō, chin hi-bāng mā siû-sî kā kì-liām piau-chì ōaⁿ khì--lih, m̄-bián tán góa chò hó. Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 6-goe̍h 18-ji̍t (Pài 6) 08:16 (UTC)
Té-bé góa chò liáu 1-ê 200,000 ê pán-pún..

(khó-lêng ē koh siu-kái) --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 6-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 4) 09:19 (UTC)

Súi--lah!--S205643 (對話) 2016-nî 8-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 2) 04:50 (UTC)

Chū-tōng tah {{Hoan-gêng}} pang-bô͘[kái goân-sí-bé]

Ná-chhiūⁿ chin chē pán-pún lóng ē chū-tōng tī sin-lâi ê sú-iōng-chiá ê thó-lūn-ia̍h téng tah {{Hoan-gêng}} pang-bô͘. Lán chia kám ū pān-hoat chò?--S205643 (對話) 2016-nî 8-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 2) 04:44 (UTC)

Ka-na sī ēng bot tah--ê, chhiūⁿ pywikibot ū choan-bûn ê kong-lêng (mw:Manual:Pywikibot/welcome.py). M̄-koh góa ah m̄-pat ēng kòe. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 8-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 2) 06:33 (UTC)

Chhiáⁿ lí īng bot kiàn-li̍p thó͘-chheⁿ só͘-ū oē-chheⁿ ê bûn-chiong, to-siā![kái goân-sí-bé]

Chhiáⁿ lí īng bot kiàn-li̍p thó͘-chheⁿ só͘-ū oē-chheⁿ ê bûn-chiong, to-siā!-- 2016-nî 9-goe̍h 17-ji̍t (Pài 6) 09:51 (UTC)

OK, m̄-koh ài kòe chi̍t tōaⁿ sî-kan (chha-put-to 1 kang lāi). --Luuva (對話)

怎麼回事?以前Template:Infobox Country的這個模板的國名、"Chū-jiân tē-lí"、"Jîn-bîn seng-oa̍h"等等都是居中顯示的,這幾天怎麼變成了向左對齊?模板中明明有"align=center"這一句啊?這是出了甚麼問題了?

改用style參數(style="text-align:center")之後應該就可以居中了,具體原因我不太了解,可能是現在瀏覽器不支援align=center了(這算某種已經被新版html廢除的舊式語法),或是某個地方原本能覆蓋過去的css不小心改掉了之類。--Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 10-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Pài 6) 11:10 (UTC)

Hoà-ha̍p-bu̍t ê im-e̍k hong-àn[kái goân-sí-bé]

Goá siūⁿ-beh chè-tēng chi̍t thò sio̍k-î chit phō pek-kho-choân-su ê hoà-ha̍p-bu̍t hoan-e̍k hong-àn, chú-iàu sī beh ēng im-e̍k ê hong-sek phòe-ha̍p ki-chhó͘ ê Hō-ló-ōe tan-jī, tio̍h chhin-chhiūⁿ Ji̍t-pún-ōe hām Hân-kok-ōe ê im-e̍k hong-sek. Chhin-chhiūⁿ carboxylic acid (R-COOH) lán tio̍h kā i siá chò chhin-chhiūⁿ kha-pa-sa-le̍k sng án-ne, chāi lí khoàⁿ ū hoat-tō͘ bô?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2016-nî 11-goe̍h 19-ji̍t (Pài 6) 07:04 (UTC)

Góa ka-tī tùi chi̍t khoán im-e̍k it-poaⁿ lóng sī chhōe chin-chiàⁿ ū khòaⁿ tio̍h lâng ēng--ê, só͘-í tùi choân-bīn ê im-e̍k kui-chek bô sáⁿ teh chim-chiok. Chit-má ē-tàng siūⁿ tio̍h--ê sī khó-lêng ē-tàng seng khó-lū án-chóaⁿ hoan-e̍k "carboxyl", khah lâi tàu chhut siong-koan ê tan-jī, chhiūⁿ "carboxylic acid" ê Hân-gí-pán tê-bo̍k "카복실산" (kabogsil酸) ná chhiūⁿ bô im-e̍k "lic" ê im. Lēng-gōa Ji̍t-gí-pán tê-bo̍k "カルボン酸" khòaⁿ--khì-lâi ná khah óa Tek-gí ê "Carbonsäuren", khó-lêng mā ē-tàng chham-khó khòaⁿ-māi. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 11-goe̍h 19-ji̍t (Pài 6) 09:08 (UTC)

Tâi-oân ê tē-miâ[kái goân-sí-bé]

Koan-î Tâi-oân ê tē-miâ, in-ūi bô siū-kòe chiah chhim ê kàu-io̍k, só͘-í bô chiok khak-tēng in-ê tha̍k-im. Chhiáⁿ-mn̄g lí kám chai-iáⁿ ū siáⁿ-mi̍h khoán ê chheh ia̍h-sī sú-liāu ē-tàng hō͘ lâng choân-bīn liáu-kái chhin-chhiūⁿ chhī-ke-chng kap toā-jī tha̍k-im chit hong-bīn ê tì-sek bô?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 5) 13:07 (UTC)

Khah kīn-taⁿ ê chu-liāu góa bô sáⁿ chai, nā kū bûn-hiàn ê pō͘-hūn ū chi̍t pún Ji̍t-pún sî-tāi ê 臺灣地名研究 (chu-liāu-khò͘ ē-tàng 網路辦證 liáu-āu ji̍p 電子資源查詢系統 chhōe "日治時期圖書全文影像系統" chio̍h thang sú-iōng), lāi-bīn 附錄 ū 市街庄大字 ê Tâi-gí kiam Ji̍t-gí ho͘-im (ēng 假名 chù-im--ê). Lēng-gōa chia ū chi̍t kóa lân-san ê chu-liāu, èng-kai sī khah-chá Bí-kok chò--ê (ēng POJ kì-lio̍k): Tâi-tiong-chiu, Ko-hiông-chiu, Tâi-pak-chiu. (téng-bīn kóng--tio̍h ê chu-liāu lóng sī góa chit-má lîm-sî siūⁿ--tio̍h-ê, pêng-siông sî lóng bōe-kì-lih chham-khó, só͘-í ia̍h bô chin khak-tēng sī-m̄-sī ū chèng-khak kap chê-choân.) --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 5) 16:01 (UTC)

To-siā lí.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 6) 10:22 (UTC)

Chòe-kīn hoat-kiàn 臺灣地名研究 khó-lêng ū chi̍t kóa im kap si̍t-chè liû-hêng ê ho͘-mi bô kâng, khó-lêng sī pian-chiá ti̍t-chia̍p chiàu Hàn-jī ê phó͘-thong tha̍k-im kì--ê. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 1-goe̍h 7-ji̍t (Pài 6) 14:50 (UTC)

Admin action[kái goân-sí-bé]

Could you delete File:Banlamgu-wiki-logo.png - it is in Commons (commons:Category:Min Nan Wikipedia logo). 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 11-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 18:17 (UTC)

OK, thanks for noticed that, I just deleted it. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 1) 08:59 (UTC)
Thank you very much. Could you delete https://zh-min-nan.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wiki.png - it is identical to commons:Wikipedia-logo-v2-zh-min-nan.png (commons:Category:Min Nan Wikipedia logo). The logo at the top corner of each Wikipedia is coming from commons-static.
InitialiseSettings.php#L459, shows what file is used for the logo in each project. As of 2016-12-13 the URL for Wikipedias is mostly like https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/static/images/project-logos/zh_min_nanwiki.png with 'zh_min_nan' being the project language code. Unless a project uses $stdlogo, the logo is hosted on commonswiki.
Already 190 out of 295 Wikipedias have no Wiki.png. 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 13-ji̍t (Pài 2) 16:17 (UTC)
Since File:Wiki.png have a different history to commons:File:Wikipedia-logo-v2-zh-min-nan.png, I think I would revert Wiki.png to an older version and keep it on this wiki as a monument. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Pài 3) 08:07 (UTC)
Perhaps it's not needed to revert it because older versions could be found in the history. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Pài 3) 08:19 (UTC)
I think there is a tool to transfer the whole history, but I cannot find it. 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 5) 19:23 (UTC)
The tool is at https://tools.wmflabs.org/magog/oldver.php. commons:File:Wikipedia-logo-v2-zh-min-nan.png now has all the history of Wiki.png. Can you delete File:Wiki.png now? 209 Wikipedias have already removed it. More and more files are moved to Commons every day and local duplicates are deleted, to have file storage as clean as possible. 2017-nî 2-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 1) 19:53 (UTC)

Can you delete the files that are in Commons: Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:NowCommons 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 5) 19:23 (UTC)

I couldn't see any files in the special page, perhaps someone already deleted them. --Luuva (對話) 2016-nî 12-goe̍h 18-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 07:31 (UTC)

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Could you create the article of the prominent Turkish-Jewish economist Dani Rodrik in Ban-lam-gu Wikipedia?

Thank you.

I'd create it some hours later. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 1-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 5) 07:38 (UTC)

Hô Hoâ Bûn Gí Luī Chham[kái goân-sí-bé]

Che lí m̄ chai kám ū khoàⁿ kòe --> 荷華文語類參? Lāi-té ū bē-chió Hok-kiàn-ōe Chiang-chiu-khiuⁿ ê giân-sû, put-kò toā-poàⁿ lóng sī bûn-giân-im.--Sunshine567 (對話) 2017-nî 1-goe̍h 27-ji̍t (Pài 5) 11:37 (UTC)

To-siā, góa iáu m̄-bat khòaⁿ kòe. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 1-goe̍h 28-ji̍t (Pài 6) 11:31 (UTC)

Translation[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hello, could you please translate Automatic refresh/自動更新/自动更新 phrase to Bân-lâm-gú? Thanks -XQV- (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Pài 3) 20:56 (UTC)

Hello, my translation is Chū-tōng ōaⁿ-sin. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 4) 04:25 (UTC)

閣下敢知影咱清國時代的行政區「堡里鄉澚」中的這兩字「鄉」佮「澚」欲按怎讀才著?--Sunshine567 (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 08:11 (UTC)

Pháiⁿ-sè, bô siáⁿ chai-iáⁿ. Góa siūⁿ 鄉 èng-kai sī kap chit-má ê 鄉 tha̍k kâng-khoán tio̍h ē-sài? Lēng-gōa hit-ê 澚 khó-lêng sī 澳 ê 異體字? --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 08:35 (UTC)

腺ê tha̍k-im[kái goân-sí-bé]

"腺" chit-ê hàn-jī eng-kai ài tha̍k "sàn" (ex. lāi-hun-pì-sàn) ia̍h-sī "soàⁿ" (ex. kah-chōng-soàⁿ) khah-hó? chāi goá kám-kak "sàn" sī tha̍k-chheh-im, ah "soàⁿ" sī pe̍h-ōe-im, put-kò hian 甘字典 kap 台日 lóng kan-na siu-lo̍k "sàn", m̄ chai lí-ê khoàⁿ-hoat jû-hô?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 18-ji̍t (Pài 6) 14:00 (UTC)

Chia ê tha̍k-im ná-chhiūⁿ sī "soàⁿ".--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 18-ji̍t (Pài 6) 14:05 (UTC)
Nā góa khó-lêng ē chīn-liōng kéng sû-tián téng-bīn siá--ê; "kah-chōng-soàⁿ" hit phiⁿ ná-chhiūⁿ sī góa khah-chá siá--ê... hit-chūn khah bô chim-chiok teh hian kū sû-tián, nā sī chit-má góa èng-kai ē kái siá sàn bô ēng sòaⁿ... --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 18-ji̍t (Pài 6) 14:42 (UTC)
Thâu-seng góa koh khòaⁿ tio̍h lēng-gōa chi̍t khoán ho͘-im: tī Lāi-gōa-kho Khàn-hō͘-ha̍k siá chôaⁿ. [9][10] Góa siūⁿ chit jī khó-lêng tùi siá chia chheh/sû-tián ê lâng lâi kóng sī sin chhòng ê Hàn-jī? Ji̍t-pún-chè Hàn-jī? Só͘-í bô khak-tēng ê tha̍k-chheh-im/pe̍h-ōe-im. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 18-ji̍t (Pài 6) 14:48 (UTC)
Choâⁿ kan-nā sī "泉" chit jī ê im. Tī chit pún soàⁿ-téng sû-tián phah "腺" ē-tàng chhâ tio̍h "攝護腺" tha̍k chò liap-hō͘-soàⁿ, ah ū noā-choâⁿ (瀾泉) ê iōng-hoat. Nā chiáu goá ti̍t-koan lo̍h-khì tha̍k, goá kî-si̍t mā ē tha̍k soàⁿ, goá siong-sìn chē-chē lâng mā ē án-ne liām. Beh khak-tēng "腺" chit jī ê ho͘-im ū-iáⁿ chia̍h-la̍t, kui-khì chiàu lí thê-kiong ê chu-liāu thóng-it ēng choâⁿ hó--ah, mā khah ū lán Hô-ló-ōe ê te̍k-sek. To-siā.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 1) 04:56 (UTC)
Tú-á koh chham-khó Hân-kok-ōe ê siá-hoat, hoat-hiān in sī ēng (saem), ì-sù sī "choâⁿ", chham lí thê-kiong ê iōng-hoat hui-siông chiap-kin.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 1) 05:00 (UTC)
Chioh-mn̄g lí he PDF ê chu-liāu sī tó-chi̍t ê bāng-chām ê?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 1) 05:07 (UTC)
PDF ê liân-kiat sī khǹg tī thâu-chêng hit-ê Tēⁿ Si-chong sian-siⁿ khui--ê blogspot bāng-ia̍h téng-bīn.--Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 3-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 1) 05:35 (UTC)

chhiáⁿ lí thâi--tiāu Thó-lūn:Lí Hô-seng[kái goân-sí-bé]

oân-choân lóng iōng kok-gí siá--ê. Pēng-chhiáⁿ Ìn-nî-gí ê iōng-chiá User:Bagas Chrisara kóng lóng sī ké--ê siau-sit (khoàⁿ ms:Perbincangan:Astro Liecharlie). I ê Eng-gí, Ìn-nî-gí, Hoat-gí kap Kok-gí ê pán-pún í-keng hō͘ lâng thâi--tiāu. (d:Q27923765).-- 2017-nî 4-goe̍h 7-ji̍t (Pài 5) 10:36 (UTC)

Liáu-kái, góa tán--leh chiō ka thâi--tiāu. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 4-goe̍h 7-ji̍t (Pài 5) 11:29 (UTC)

Tī ki-su̍t-siōng, kám ū hoat-tō͘ ke chi̍t ê Hàn-jī:XXXXX ê khong-kan hō͘ ài siá hàn-jī ê lâng khì siá? Chiūⁿ Kok-li̍p Tâi-oân Le̍k-sú Phok-bu̍t-koán tû-liáu ū chi̍t ia̍h Thó-lūn:Kok-li̍p Tâi-oân Le̍k-sú Phok-bu̍t-koán, iáu-koh ū chi̍t ia̍h Hàn-jī:Kok-li̍p Tâi-oân Le̍k-sú Phok-bu̍t-koán án-ne.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 5) 04:49 (UTC)

Nā sī tan-sûn siat sin-ê namespace, èng-kai sī chin kan-tan (chóng-sī bô-hoat-tō͘ tī pek-kho pún-sin kái-tōng chi̍t hāng, ài khì chhōe ki-su̍t jîn-oân siu-kái siat-tēng); nā sī beh chhiūⁿ "thó-lūn-ia̍h" kâng khoán siat tī main namspace (phó͘-thong bûn-chiong ia̍h-bīn) "ē-té", piàn ná-chhiūⁿ ū 2-ê "thó-lūn-ia̍h" kâng khoán, kî-tiong 1-ê hō-chò "Hàn-jī:" ēng-lâi siá Hàn-jī pán-pún, bô chò thó-lūn sú-iōng, khó-lêng mā ū hoat-tō͘, m̄-koh góa bô chhōe tio̍h pa̍t-ê wikipedia pán-pún ê kâng-khoán àn-lē. (Góa ē-kì lih ū chi̍t-ê pán-pún ēng chi̍t khoán hong-sek chhù-lí su-siá hē-thóng ê būn-tê, m̄-koh chit-má chhōe-bô, khó-lêng sī kì-m̄-tio̍h--ah.) --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 5) 06:31 (UTC)
Chia ū chi̍t-ê koan-hē tē-2 chióng hong-sek ê thó-lūn: [11] --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 5) 08:39 (UTC)
Khòaⁿ--khí-lâi hiān-châi ti̍t-chiap thang keng-kòe khah chèng-thóng ê hē-thóng siat-tēng lâi si̍t-hêng sī tē-1 chióng. (Ka-chiūⁿ ēng javascript èng-kai ē-tàng chè-chō chhut ná chhiūⁿ tē-2 chióng hong-sek ê hāu-kó.) --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 5) 09:09 (UTC)

Só͘-í ài án-chóaⁿ thê-chhut sin-chhéng? ti̍t-chiap tī lí tah ê hit ia̍h téng liû-giân?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 13-ji̍t (Pài 6) 04:25 (UTC)

Nā chin-chiáⁿ ū hoat-tō͘ ke "Hàn-jī" namespace. Tó-chhiú-pêng "Pian-chi̍p", "Ke-si kheh-á" kap "Giân-gú" ê lân-ūi kám mā ū hoat-tō͘ ēng siáⁿ-mi̍h pān-hoat kā i kái-chò siong-tùi-èng ê hàn-jī, URL liân-khì siong-tùi-èng ê hàn-jī namespace?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 06:09 (UTC)

Chit hong-bīn lí nā sî-kan ún-chún, thang-hó mâ-hoân lí chhì-giām khòaⁿ-māi bô?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 06:09 (UTC)

Liân-kiat ê pō͘-hūn khah thau-chia̍h-pō͘ ê hong-hoat sī ēng Javascript àn it-tēng tiâu-kiāⁿ choán chò Hàn-jī. Lí ē-tàng khòaⁿ MediaWiki:Common.js siāng ē-kha "CustomizeModificationsOfSidebar" hit-ê function, chiō sī kái-piàn "Tóng-àn chiūⁿ-bāng" hit-ūi ê hián-sī. // Lēng-gōa sin ka "Hàn-jī" namespace ê pō͘-hūn, ài ēng [12] khui chi̍t-ê task (ài seng login, ē-té ū mediawiki kháu-chō login ê soán-hāng), lí nā kám-kak tùi che bô se̍k, góa kòe chi̍t chām ē-tàng khí khui sin task (góa Eng-gí piáu-ta̍t bô hó, ài siūⁿ--chi̍t-ê chiah chaiⁿ khak-tēng án-choáⁿ ké-soeh...). Chóng-sī in-ūi che sǹg khah te̍k-sû ēng-tô͘ ê namespace, phabricator hia-ê lâng khó-lêng ē siūⁿ-beh chai-iáⁿ lán kî-tha ēng-chiá ū siáⁿ-mi̍h siūⁿ-hoat--bô. Nā sī lán siā-lí pún-sin ū chi̍t-ê kiōng-sek, khó-lêng khah bē hông thoa-sî-kan--khì. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 12:51 (UTC)

Liáu-kái! Bo̍k-chiân góa sī í-keng teng-ji̍p phabricator ah, put-kò task ê lōe-iông ài kóng-tio̍h siáⁿ-mi̍h khóan ki-su̍t hong-bīn ê bûn-jī piáu-ta̍t góa bô-siáⁿ chai (sui-jiân tha̍k kang ê, tān-sī tùi tiān-náu ê liáu-kái hui-siông chhián). Án-ne góa tāi-seng tī chhiū-á-kha khui chi̍t-ê thó-lūn-khu, hō͘ ta̍k-ke khì piáu-ta̍t kap hôe-èng, kòe chi̍t-chām chiah koh khòaⁿ-māi leh. To-siā.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 13:44 (UTC)

Góa tú-chiah í-keng tī phabricator thê-chhut sin-chhéng--ah (chia), mâ-hoân lí khòaⁿ-māi--leh.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 6) 13:39 (UTC)
Liuxinyu970226 tī phabricator hia mn̄g góa kóng kám beh kā "nan" hun chò "nan-hani" kap "nan-latn", lí-ê khòaⁿ-hoat jû-hô?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 8-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 3) 02:34 (UTC)
(Pháiⁿ-sè chìn-chêng bô khòaⁿ tio̍h chit tiâu liû-giân): I ná-chhiūⁿ ì-sù sī translatewiki téng-bīn ê kài-bīn hoant-e̍k pun 2 khoán? Góa chin chàn-sêng. Kî-sit góa kám-kak "Choân-Hàn" (kî-si̍t sī "Hàn-jī ûi-chú") kap "Choân-Lô" (Lô-má-jī ûi-chú) ê siá-hoat, tī bûn-su ê kè-sek (pí-lūn piau-tiám hū-hô), chòng-chō tan-jī ê koàn-sì, tùi gōa-lâi-gí ê chhù-lí téng hong-bīn lóng ū cheng-chha, chin pháiⁿ tan-sûn tùi-chiàu. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 9-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 6) 07:24 (UTC)

Kóng tio̍h choân-Hàn ê gōa-lâi-gí ê chhú-lí, bīn-tùi chhin-chhiūⁿ "khong-bé-ah" chit khoán gí-im (擬音) ê sû, góa ū siūⁿ kóng beh chhái-ēng Hong-im Hû-hō (bô it-tēng ài ū siaⁿ-tiāu hû-hō) lâi siá, i sī hong-khoài bûn-jī, jî-chhiáⁿ i-ê Unicode chi-oan kan-na í-keng oân-sêng (pí Tâi-oân Kana ia̍h-sī Hô-ló Jī-kak sêng-kong ê khoán), chí-sī m̄ chai-iáⁿ án-ne thò-tòng m̄ thò-tòng.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 9-goe̍h 10-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 15:44 (UTC)

Tong-jiân, lēng-gōa chè-tēng chhut chi̍t thò Hàn-jī im-e̍k ê kui-hoān khó-lêng mā sī chi̍t tiâu lō͘.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 9-goe̍h 10-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 15:48 (UTC)

Ki-su̍t[kái goân-sí-bé]

Bī-lâi nā chin-chiáⁿ chhut-hiān hàn-jī namespace, nā beh chhiú-tōng kā piau-tê ê Hàn-jī: om khí--lâi, tan-sûn sú-iōng {{DISPLAYTITLE}} nā-chhiūⁿ bô-hoat-tō͘ ti̍t-chiap chò-kàu, in-ūi ū chit-ê hān-chè. Put-kò nā-sī kā hān-chè kái chò false, tio̍h ē-tàng chò-kàu--ah. Kám ē-sái chhiáⁿ lí pang-bâng kái chi̍t-ê?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 13:46 (UTC)

Lí kóng ê siat-tēng èng-kai sī server hit-pêng--ê, lán gōa-kài ēng-chiá bô hoat-tō͘ ka-tī kái-tōng. Nā ū su-iàu kâng-khoán ài chhōe ki-su̍t jîn-oân. Lēng-gōa ū chi̍t khoán kán-tan ê hong-sek sī ēng Javascript (thàu jquery) lâi kái-piàn hián-sī ê jī. Gōa ē lēng-gōa gián-kiù khòaⁿ kám ē-tàng keng-kòe Module ê lua gí-hoat lâi ta̍t-sêng, nā ē--sái chiō thang chò chhut choan-bûn chok-iōng ê pang-bô͘. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 16:12 (UTC)

Hó, góa liáu-kái--ah. Lēng-gōa ē chhut-hiān chi̍t-ê būn-tê, bī-lâi "Lūi-pia̍t hàn-jī:....." kám ū hoat-tō͘ chhut-hiān tī "Hàn-jī:....." bûn-chiuⁿ ē-té ê lūi-pia̍t hia?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 24-ji̍t (Pài 3) 03:48 (UTC)

Tû-hui koh sin khui "Lūi-pia̍t hàn-jī" namespace, iáu bô sī bô hoat-tō͘. (Sī ē-tàng chhiūⁿ tê-bo̍k kâng-khoán ēng chi̍t kóa hong-hoat kái-piàn hiān-sī kiat-kó, m̄-koh khó-lêng ē hāi ia̍h-bīn ê koan-hē piàn siuⁿ kòe ho̍k-cha̍p--khì. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 24-ji̍t (Pài 3) 17:22 (UTC)

Góa tī phabricator hia ū kóng-tio̍h múi-chi̍t-ê namespace lóng ài ū chi̍t-ê tùi-èng ê "hàn-jī" namespace, kong-lêng ài chhiūⁿ talk kāng-khoán, chí-sī m̄-chai góa án-ne siá in kám khòaⁿ ū....--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 4) 10:27 (UTC)

In ēng-kai sī khòaⁿ-ū? M̄-koh góa m̄-chai-iáⁿ kám ē-tàng tùi bó͘ chi̍t-ê wiki siat-kè te̍k-sû ê namespace koan-hē. Ū khó-lêng nā siuⁿ kòe te̍k-sû ê thê-gī ē chiām-sî bô hoat-tō͘ si̍t-hêng. Tī chia ē-tàng khòaⁿ tio̍h Mediawiki tùi namespace koan-hē ê kái-liông iáu tng tī thó-lūn ê kai-tōaⁿ. Nā chhiūⁿ "Lūi-pia̍t Hàn-jī" ê kong-lêng, í-keng m̄-chí sī sin ka namespace, sī ài ka-thiam lēng-gōa chi̍t-ê lūi-pia̍t hē-thóng. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 4) 10:50 (UTC)
Góa thau-seng siūⁿ tio̍h, ū ê pō͘-hūn èng-kai ēng "namespace alias" ê kong-lêng chiō ē-tàng ta̍t-sêng (pí-lūn ēng "類別" kap "Lūi-pia̍t" lóng ē-tàng liân kòe kâng chi̍t-ê namespace). Góa tán leh siá chi̍t-ê khah kán-tan ê thê-gī tī chhiū-á-kha, khòaⁿ lí kám-kak án-chóaⁿ. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 4) 11:21 (UTC)
Sui-jiân góa í-keng tī phabricator thê-chhut cheng-ka kiò chò "Hàn-jī" ê te̍k-sû miâ-khong-kan ê hong-àn, tān-sī chiâⁿ-si̍t beh sêng-kong khó-lêng ài koh tán chi̍t-chām-á, só͘-í bo̍k-chiân seng khai-hòng ēng "Pang-chān" chit-ê miâ-khong-kan lâi siá hàn-jī, "pang-chān tha̍k-chiá tùi-chiàu Pe̍h-ōe-jī bûn-chiuⁿ", lí khòaⁿ án-ne jû-hô? (chhin-chhiūⁿ án-ne)--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 9-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Pài 5) 13:07 (UTC)
Put-kò án-ne kám su-iàu ēng te̍k-pia̍t siat-kè ê pang-bô͘ lâi kā "Pang-chān:Tâi-oân" kái hián-sī chò tan-sûn hàn-jī "台灣", hō͘ lâng ū khòaⁿ hàn-jī pán-pún ê kám-kak? Bī-lâi iā ē-tàng tī "hàn-jī" miâ-khong-kan chèng-sek chiūⁿ-lō͘ liáu-āu sú-iōng.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 9-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Pài 5) 13:16 (UTC)
Khòaⁿ--khì-lâi bô siáⁿ-mi̍h būn-tê. M̄-koh tê-bo̍k hián-sī ê būn-tê, góa iáu chhōe bô hong-piān kái tê-bo̍k hián-sī ê hong-hoat .--Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 9-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 6) 07:16 (UTC)
Tú-chiah siūⁿ--tio̍h, mā ē-tàng siá tī Wikipeida miâ-khong-kan ē-tè, sǹg chi̍t-ê Wikipedia:Hàn-jī pán-pún bûn-chiuⁿ (?) kè-ōe (WikiProject) chi̍t pō͘-hūn. Khòaⁿ sī Wikipedia:Hàn-jī/OO iā kî-tha kè-sek.--Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 9-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 6) 10:04 (UTC)

Pán-bīn ê hoan-e̍k[kái goân-sí-bé]

Chioh-mn̄g lán Tek-pia̍t:統計 kap Tek-pia̍t:Te̍k-sû_ia̍h chit-khoán ia̍h-bīn sī ài án-chóaⁿ pian-chip? Góa siūⁿ-beh kā in lóng-chóng hoan chò Pe̍h-ōe-jī.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 6) 07:06 (UTC)

Ē-tàng tī "Special:Allmessages" chhōe (m̄ koh góa bô sáⁿ liáu-kái hāng-bo̍k hō-miâ ê 邏輯), chhiūⁿ Tek-pia̍t:統計 ê pō͘-hūn chhōe "statistics" ē chhut-lâi chia ê hāng-bo̍k; liáu-āu ē-tàng kòe translatewiki ê tùi-èng ia̍h-bīn hoan-e̍k (nā goân-lâi iáu bōe siá chiō khui sin-ia̍h pian-chi̍p; mā ē-sái khui pún-tē ê ia̍h-bīn, m̄-koh a-ne ē kap translatewiki téng-bīn ê khang-khòe chhiong-tu̍t). (lēng-gōa Mediawiki ê Bân-lâm-gí thāi hoan-e̍k hāng-bo̍k: core/most important messages mā ē-sái khòaⁿ-māi leh) --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 6) 14:31 (UTC)

Hó! To-siā!--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 5-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 14:02 (UTC)

Mâ-hoân lí pang-bâng chò chi̍t-ê sio̍k-î lán nan ê icon.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 6-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 1) 16:15 (UTC)

Góa chiàu pa̍t-ê tóng-àn kái chhut chi̍t-ê File:ISO 639 Icon nan.svg, ē-tàng khòaⁿ-māi leh (soat-bêng mā sī kái--lâi-ê, nā siá bô hó-sè chhiáⁿ tàu kái--chi̍t-ê). --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 6-goe̍h 13-ji̍t (Pài 2) 04:50 (UTC)

To-siā.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 6-goe̍h 19-ji̍t (Pài 1) 14:42 (UTC)

zh-min-nan -> nan[kái goân-sí-bé]

Khah-chá tī 2015 nî ê sî, lán chia ê siā-lí ū thong-kòe chi̍t hāng kiōng-sek chiū-sī beh chiong zh-min-nan (khòaⁿ tio̍h chit-ê hō-miâ lóng ē kám-kak pī é-hòa) kái chò nan, hit-tang-chūn mā ū kóng tio̍h [13] kap [14]. Chìn-chêng góa tī 2015 nî ê Wikimedia News téng 9 goe̍h chhe 5 ê siau-sit hoat-hiān, Taraškievica Gí pán-pún ùi kū--ê be-x-old choán-ōaⁿ khì sin--ê be-tarask, só͘-í lán ê iau-kiû kî-si̍t sī ē-ēng-tit--ê, m̄-chai lí kám chai-iáⁿ sī án-chóaⁿ kàu-taⁿ iu-goân bô-hoat-tō͘ oân-sêng?--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 7-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 2) 17:03 (UTC)

Góa thâu-seng khòaⁿ T30442 ē-té chi̍t kóa liân-kiat, ná chhiūⁿ be-x-old kái be-tarask liáu-āu hông hoat-kiàn bô-hoat-tō͘ kè-sio̍k ēng kū ê be-x-old chhâ-sûn wikidata (sit--khì tùi kū-sek hō-bé ê 相容性): [15]; khó-lêng siūⁿ beh seng siu-lí chit-ê būn-tê ([16]), só͘-í kî-tha ê sóa-tāng lóng chiām-thêng--khì. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 7-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 2) 17:33 (UTC)

Ô͘, liáu-kái.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 7-goe̍h 5-ji̍t (Pài 3) 15:06 (UTC)

m̄-chai-iáⁿ lí kám ū thiaⁿ kòe "it á khoe", "jī á thô", "saⁿ á mûi", "cha̍p-saⁿ á kak" chit-khoán Poker kóng-hoat?[17]--S205643 (對話) 2017-nî 7-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Pài 5) 15:53 (UTC)

Góa tùi lâng án-choáⁿ kóng chia Poker iōng-gí lóng bô siáⁿ-mi̍h ìn-sióng. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 7-goe̍h 14-ji̍t (Pài 5) 17:19 (UTC)

please block[kái goân-sí-bé]

please block Iōng-chiá: and set Pang-chān:Bo̍k-lio̍k semi-protected. thank you.-- 2017-nî 7-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 2) 10:24 (UTC)

Done.--Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 7-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 2) 11:20 (UTC)

Files upload request[kái goân-sí-bé]

Please upload this image file to local wiki.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2017-nî 8-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 3) 02:13 (UTC)

Done. (File:Chng Chu Giok-lu.jpg) --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 8-goe̍h 2-ji̍t (Pài 3) 05:21 (UTC)

Transliterator technique[kái goân-sí-bé]

This is a awesome tool for Hokkien writers who need shortcuts to translate Han characters into Peh-oe-ji. Do you know anything about it's principles?--S205643 (對話) 2017-nî 8-goe̍h 16-ji̍t (Pài 3) 12:59 (UTC)

Góa m̄-chai, khòaⁿ--khì-lâi sī sû-lūi/sû-tián tùi-chiàu--ê, sû-lūi lāi-té bô--ê to̍h piáu-hiān kò-pia̍t Hàn-jī ho͘-im. Chhiūⁿ 台北->"Tâi-pak", 台南->"tâi lâm"". --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 8-goe̍h 17-ji̍t (Pài 4) 05:12 (UTC)

User:Payuholake將「代數」Tāi-sò͘移動到Tāi-sò͘ (sò͘-ha̍k),又把Tāi-sò͘改成消歧義頁,是否合適?從未聽人把「氬」Argon稱作「怠素」(Tāi-sò͘ (hòa-ha̍k gôan-sò͘))?-- 2017-nî 10-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 3) 05:37 (UTC)

Ná chhiūⁿ bô su-iàu pun chò tùi-téng ê khu-pia̍t. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 10-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 3) 09:04 (UTC)

Ū-tang-sî-á khoàⁿ lí ēng bot siá bun-chiuⁿ ê sî-chūn ē chù-kái "chiàu wikidata siá". Che sī ēng ki-khì-lâng ia̍h-sī ēng jîn-kang thê-chhú sò͘-kì? Nā-chún kóng sī ki-khì-lâng, kám ū pat-lâng í-keng siá hó-sè ê script ē-tàng ti̍t-chiap ēng? Beh tó-ūi chhōe?--S205643 (對話) 2017-nî 12-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 6) 02:57 (UTC)

Lí nā sī ēng pywikibot, ē-tàng chiàu ē-kha ê script chhōe tùi-èng bó͘ chi̍t phiⁿ zh-min-nan bûn-chiuⁿ ê wikidata item.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pywikibot

#NOTE: chhōe zh-min-nan bûn-chiuⁿ "Bí-kok" ê wikidata item

site = pywikibot.Site() # chí-tēng wikipedia pán-pún
page_title = u'Bí-kok' # bûn-chiuⁿ title
page = pywikibot.Page(site, page_title)
wd_item = pywikibot.ItemPage.fromPage(page)

# chhōe wikidata téng Bí-kok (Q30) ê jîn-kháu (P1082) chu-liāu
if 'P1082' in wd_item.claims:

    # P1082 chu-liāu ē-té ū chē chōa bô-kâng sî-kan ê jîn-kháu
    p1082_list = wd_item.claims['P1082']

    # ti̍t-chiap the̍h jîn-kháu sò͘-jī, khah kán-tan ê hong-sek
    pop_amount = wd_item.claims['P1082'][0].getTarget().amount

    print pop_amount

    print u'Pún item bô chi̍t hāng chu-liāu'
Nā su-iàu jîn-kháu sî-kan:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pywikibot

#NOTE: chhōe zh-min-nan bûn-chiuⁿ "Bí-kok" ê wikidata item

site = pywikibot.Site() # chí-tēng wikipedia pán-pún
page_title = u'Bí-kok' # bûn-chiuⁿ title
page = pywikibot.Page(site, page_title)
wd_item = pywikibot.ItemPage.fromPage(page)

# chhōe wikidata téng Bí-kok (Q30) ê jîn-kháu (P1082) chu-liāu
if 'P1082' in wd_item.claims:

    # P1082 chu-liāu ē-té ū chē chōa bô-kâng sî-kan ê jîn-kháu
    p1082_list = wd_item.claims['P1082']

    # kā kui-ê P1082 chū-liāu kái chò json kè-sek, thang chhōe tio̍h khah siōng-sè ê chu-sìn
    # chhōe siāng téng-bīn chi̍t hūn jîn-kháu chu-liāu
    pop_json = wd_item.claims['P1082'][0].toJSON()

    # jîn-kháu sò͘-jī
    pop_amount = int(pop_json['mainsnak']['datavalue']['value']['amount'])

    # jîn-kháu sî-kan
    pop_date = pop_json['qualifiers']['P585'][0]['datavalue']['value']['time']

    # kā sî-kan chu-liāu kán-hòa
    pop_date = pop_date.split('+0000000')[1].split('T')[0]

    print pop_amount, pop_date

    print u'Pún item bô chi̍t hāng chu-liāu'
Nā beh tùi wikidata ti̍t-chiap chiàu it-tēng tiâu-kiāⁿ chhōe chu-liāu:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pywikibot
from pywikibot import pagegenerators as pg

query_string = """
    SELECT ?item WHERE {
    ?item wdt:P585 [] .
    MINUS { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q577 }
    MINUS { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q14795564 }
# téng-bīn query ê ì-sù:
# chhōe ū P585 (point in time) chū-liāu ê wikidata item,
# pâi-tû kî-tiong P31 (instance of) sī Q577, Q14795564 ... --ê

wikidata_site = pywikibot.Site("wikidata", "wikidata")
generator = pg.WikidataSPARQLPageGenerator(query_string, site=wikidata_site)

# tùi chhâ-sûn kiat-kó loop chhut bí chi̍t hāng
for wd_item in generator:
    # sòa--lo̍h-lāi g to̍h kap téng-bīn script ê wd_item sī kâng khoán ê mi̍h
    # ...
    # in-ūi ta̍k khoán chū-liāu kè-sek lóng bô siáⁿ kâng, khó-lêng ài chiàu lí beh
    # ê chū-liāu ēng toJSON() piàn chò json liáu-āu tùi lāi-bīn chhōe beh ài ê pō͘-hūn.
Chē ē-tàng ēng-lâi chò chhòng sin bûn-chiuⁿ beh ēng ê chu-liāu. Chóng-sī wikidata teng-bīn ê chu-liāu tiāⁿ bô chê-choân.
Query ê siá-hoat góa iáu bô sáⁿ se̍k, lí ē-tàng chham-khó [18] ê hoān-lē.
Góa khó-lêng ē koh chéng-lí chi̍t kóa script khǹg tī User:Luuva/botsamples--Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 12-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 6) 08:15 (UTC)
Góa sin hoat-kiàn ū lâng siá pywikibot ê kài-ha̍k, ē-tàng bóng chham-khó (i ēng pythong 3, góa téng-bīn ê script sī python 2). Téng-bīn siāng bóe chi̍t-ê script to̍h sī chham-khó [19] --ê. --Luuva (對話) 2017-nî 12-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 6) 08:27 (UTC)

Share your experience and feedback as a Wikimedian in this global survey[kái goân-sí-bé]

WMF Surveys, 2018-nî 3-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Pài 4) 18:19 (UTC)

Lâng-miâ ê siá-hoat[kái goân-sí-bé]

Sin-ka-pho ê lâng-miâ hui-siông te̍k-sû, in tiāⁿ-tiāⁿ ēng Hok-kiàn-ōe ti̍t-chiap khì siá. Góa hoat-hiān in lóng kā sèⁿ kap miâ hun-khui siá chhin-chhiūⁿ Lí Kong-chiân tiō siá chò Lee Kong Chian. Chit khoán oân-choân hun-khui siá ê hong-sek chham Oa̍t-lâm-gí beh kāng beh kāng, lán chit-ūi kám mā kái án-ne khah hó? Chóng-sī ū Sin-ka-pho-lâng tōa-liōng án-ne siá ah.--Sunshine678 (對話) 2018-nî 4-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 04:37 (UTC)

Góa mā khah chàn-sêng kā Lâm-iûⁿ hia Hok-kiàn-ōe, Kheh-ōe lâi-goân ê lâng-miâ chiàu in chāi-tē ê hong-hoat lâi siá. Che kap Ji̍t-gí kā Eng-kok-lâng Kazuo Ishiguro ê miâ kì chò カズオ・イシグロ (m̄-sī 石黒一雄) ê lí-lō͘ khó-lêng sió-khoa beh-kâng. --Luuva (對話) 2018-nî 4-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 05:36 (UTC)

Lí kóng ê chham góa kóng ê ū sió-kóa bô-kāng chú-tê, èng-kai sī góa piáu-ta̍t liáu bô hó-sè. Tong-jiân, lí kóng ê góa mā chàn-sêng. Ah góa só͘ kóng ê sī pí-lūn kā Lí Teng-hui siá chò Lí Teng Hui, kā Chhòa Eng-bûn siá chò Chhòa Eng Bûn án-ne.--Sunshine567 (對話) 2018-nî 4-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 2) 15:48 (UTC)

Sit-lé, bô chim-chiok khòaⁿ siūⁿ kóng lí sī choan-kang beh thó-lūn "Lí Kong-chiân" hit-lê lâng. Nā Tâi-oân ê lâng, chiàu góa liáu-kái, ū chin chē lâng-miâ, chhut-hiān tī Tâi-oân Kàu-hōe Kong-pò hit khoán Lô-má-jī khan-bu̍t ê sî-chūn it-poaⁿ lóng sī ēng "Lí Teng-hui" chit khoán siá-hoat, mā sǹg sī ū chi̍t kóa thoân-thóng tī--leh. --A-lú-mih (對話) 2018-nî 4-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 2) 17:23 (UTC)

Reminder: Share your feedback in this Wikimedia survey[kái goân-sí-bé]

WMF Surveys, 2018-nî 4-goe̍h 13-ji̍t (Pài 5) 01:17 (UTC)

Your feedback matters: Final reminder to take the global Wikimedia survey[kái goân-sí-bé]

WMF Surveys, 2018-nî 4-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 5) 00:27 (UTC)
  • 請問閩南語維基百科可以用漢字來寫閩南語條目嗎?因為羅馬字我實在看不懂耶。--Msnhinet8 (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 28-ji̍t (Pài 6) 02:34 (UTC)
1. 傳統的做法是將「漢字版」寫在討論頁,例如「Thó-lūn:Kok-ka」;
2. 理想的做法是建立「漢字」名字空間,但目前尚未創建。所以此方法目前還不可行;
3. 過渡期的做法是寫在「Help:」名字空間,例如「Pang-chān:Kok-ka」。--A-lú-mih (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 28-ji̍t (Pài 6) 15:14 (UTC)
  • 所以我可以把漢字版寫在討論頁上嗎?--Msnhinet8 (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 02:20 (UTC)
  • 阿系哇哀內下馬ㄟ賽嗎?(還是我這樣寫也可以嗎?)--Msnhinet8 (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 02:29 (UTC)
  • 福建省 (中華民國)。--Msnhinet8 (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 02:29 (UTC)
  • 哇希夢閩南語維基百科ㄟ當嘎粵語維基百科那樣用漢字寫台語,謝謝。--Msnhinet8 (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 02:32 (UTC)
建議您參考一下 台日大辭典甘為霖字典教育部閩南語辭典,或民貫台文等考慮音義的用字,若您用「火星文」寫文章,大概100%會被改掉或刪除。----A-lú-mih (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 03:28 (UTC)
  • 我寫的福建省這個條目應該不算是火星文吧?--Msnhinet8 (對話) 2018-nî 7-goe̍h 29-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 03:35 (UTC)

"Té-bé" (chí "lo̍h-boé")--ê kiàn-gī kái-chèng[kái goân-sí-bé]

Kin-kù chhiau-chhōe--ê kiat-kó "tè-bé" ū pí 50 khah tōa--ê kiat-kó, m̄-kú góa tī Tâi-ji̍t Tāi-sû-tián chhōe--ê kiat-kó, tè-bé bô "lo̍h-bóe"--ê ì-sù (chí ū "短尾"), tān-sī ū "tè-bé" (綴尾) chit-ê sû, chí "lo̍h-bóe, í-āu". Kiàn-gī iōng ke-khì-lâng kái-tiāu. Iōng lâng-kang kái ē bōe-hù.--Yoxem (tō̤-lâung) 2018-nî 11-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 16:50 (UTC)

To-siā, ná-chhiūⁿ sī góa ho͘-im bô phiau-chún. Ū-êng lâi kái. A-lú-mih (tō̤-lâung) 2018-nî 11-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 17:35 (UTC)


在下於高雄專題詢問高雄主題模板中應該放哪些條目,若您方便的話,歡迎參與討論,謝謝!--It's gonna be awesome (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 4-goe̍h 9-ji̍t (Pài 2) 13:57 (UTC)

目前沒什麼想法,有想到的話會加入,謝謝您邀請我參與討論。A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 4-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 5) 09:16 (UTC)

Lí hó! Lí 2017 nî siá, "(瑞穗; mā ū ho͘ Sūi-hūi)". Guá kin-á-li̍t khuàn Britannica World Atlas 1967 nî ê p58 (Enggí)kóng "瑞穗" kiò "Juihui".Chhiánn mn̄g,穗 mā tha̍k "hūi" bô?Tó-siā!--Geographyinitiative (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 4-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 06:05 (UTC)

Lí hó. Góa ē kì-tit he sī góa khòaⁿ tio̍h chit phiⁿ bûn-chiong liáu-āu khì kái--ê. Só͘-í sī si̍t-chè ū chin chē lâng tú tio̍h "瑞穗" chit-ê miâ ê sî-chūn an-ne tha̍k; m̄-koh góa m̄-chai 穗 nā chiàu phiau-chún sī m̄-sī ū tha̍k "hūi" ê im. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 4-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 09:53 (UTC)
不好意思用简化字,但我想问问,chhiann2 mng7,您用什么输入法软件输入POJ教罗?我找不到,也不知到哪一种最好。电脑上的--Geographyinitiative (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 4-goe̍h 24-ji̍t (Pài 3) 04:57 (UTC)
電腦上我真正用過的POJ輸入法只有這個。對其他的輸入法不了解,所以無法說哪一種較好。--A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 4-goe̍h 24-ji̍t (Pài 3) 19:52 (UTC)

Góa tī Sin-kóng-khu siu-kái. 您覺得如何? --Geographyinitiative (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 6-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 1) 11:43 (UTC)

Chin hó-sè. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2019-nî 6-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 1) 14:46 (UTC)

Bân-lâm-gú thong-chheng ê tē-hng[kái goân-sí-bé]

A-lú-mih lí hó,

Góa khòaⁿ-khòaⁿ chi̍t-ê Wikipedia pán-pún ê sî-chūn, hoat-hiān ū chin chē ū chi̍t-ê phó͘-phiàn ê Bân-lâm-gú thong-chheng ê tē-hng, phì-jū kóng San Francisco (Kū-kim-soaⁿ), Kampuchea (Kán-poo-tsē), kah Melaka (Má-la̍k-kah), sī ēng gōa-bûn lâi siá--ê. 3-kang chêng tāng-tio̍h Johor kah Melaka siong-koan ê ia̍h āu, chiah khòaⁿ le̍k-sú ū khòaⁿ-tio̍h lí ê kòng-hiàn, siūⁿ-kóng lâi chiah kah lí phah chio-ho͘, mn̄g khòaⁿ māi lí ê ì-kiàn.

Góa pún-lâng jīn-ûi, Bân-lâm-gú Wikipedia ê ia̍h ài sī Bân-lâm-gú thong-chheng ûi miâ khah hó, nā bô phó͘-phiàn ê chheng-ho͘ tō mài khì kha̍p.

Góa chai-iáⁿ nā-sī beh tōa kui-bô͘ kái-pian ē tām-po̍h khùn-lân, tān-sī góa ū-êng ê sî-chūn mā goân-ì tàu-saⁿ-kāng.

--Kekpot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 10-ji̍t (Pài 2) 08:31 (UTC)

Kekpot lí hó,
Lí nā kám-kak ū lán chāi-tē-khoán ê miâ ē ēng tit, to̍h kā kái kòe chin hó. Góa ka-tī in-ūi tiāⁿ-tiāⁿ bô khak-tēng sī beh tòe hit kok kî-tha tē-hng kâng-khoán kì goân-bûn, ia̍h sī te̍k-pia̍t khì chhōe ū thang ēng ê chāi-lâi-hòa hō-miâ lâi hō, só͘-í bô chiàu kò͘-tēng ê lí-lō͘ leh kiâⁿ, phó͘-thong sī kan-ta chu-liāu chhâ ū ia̍h ka-tī bat thiaⁿ--kòe ē miâ ū te̍k-pia̍t kì chāi-tē-khoán. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 10-ji̍t (Pài 2) 09:49 (UTC)
Kám-siā hun-hiáng tong-chho͘--ê goân-in. In-ūi góa sī lâi-chū Sin-ka-pho, ū khó-lêng chi̍t-koah miâ-sû tī Tâi-oân sī bô thiaⁿ--kòe iah-sī chin hán kóng, góa ē-sái kòng-hiàn. --Kekpot (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 3-goe̍h 10-ji̍t (Pài 2) 10:42 (UTC)

Disney pages (again)[kái goân-sí-bé]

Years ago, I asked for improvement on Disney pages. They are still short. Some need fixes, like Cinderella (1940 nî tiān-iáⁿ). Some like The Lion King are protected. Can the protection be lifted? I created a stub about Frozen II and edited Frozen. They still need improvement though. Also, I found a list, Disney tōng-ōe tiān-iáⁿ lia̍t-pió, but there aren't links to it even though there should be. Do any of these movies have Chinese titles? I mean Min Nan Chinese. Do they just translate the originals or the Mandarin Chinese? The Fox and the Hound was moved to the translated title, and a few others exist with translated titles. But the majority don't have the titles translated. What's the deal with that? 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:141D:4242:81D9:6AD9 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 19-ji̍t (Pài 5) 19:18 (UTC)

I just lifted the protected status of The Lion King.
There were no official Min Nan titles for these movies. Some of users here may translate a title directly from English, while some translate through a Mandarin title. I think leaving them as original English title is okay. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 20-ji̍t (Pài 6) 05:19 (UTC)
But if that's true, then should Hô͘-lî kap La̍h-káu be moved back to The Fox and the Hound? Also, the others with translated titles are Mô͘-hoat Kî-iân (Tangled), Koài-siù Tāi-ha̍k (Monsters University), and Ióng-kám Thoân-soat (Brave). In particular I don't get why Monsters University is translated when Monsters, Inc. is not. Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters, Inc. Meanwhile, The Fox and the Hound is one of the many protected pages, and on Cinderella (1940 nî tiān-iáⁿ), an error is that it says that the fairy Tale was Italian when it was, in fact, French. The error was copied from Pinocchio (1940 nî tiān-iáⁿ). Also, at Thó-lūn:Brother Bear, I asked for that page and some others to be unprotected. The others are The Little Mermaid, Chhù-piⁿ Totoro, and Khàm-téng ê Ponyo. Again, I don't know if the last two should be using the translated titles or not. Finally, at Thó-lūn:Brother Bear, it was mentioned that Tama Fan had added text in Vietnamese about the plot, but could that text be retranslated? I guess you don't know Vietnamese, but could the text be translated from English or Mandarin Chinese? 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:C96:A737:1D2E:A492 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 00:53 (UTC)
The protected status of such articles had been lifted, thanks for listing them here. And I will address the factual errors in each article. About the translation issue, although I personally prefer the original title, I'm not so sure about which way is better, so please don't expect me doing a universal change. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 09:22 (UTC)
Hô͘-lî kap La̍h-káu is still protected though. And on pages like The Rescuers, I did what you did as far as commenting out the red linked poster images, but can they be uploaded? If not, should they be removed entirely? I don't know if they're allowed or not because not every Wikipedia language allows those files. But I commented out the ones that were red links for now. 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:7D19:57A3:1BA5:F4BF 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 18:54 (UTC)

The file uploading settings have to be done from server side so I think it won't be changed anytime soon. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 26-ji̍t (Pài 5) 18:13 (UTC)

Soá ia̍h[kái goân-sí-bé]

Chhiáⁿ chiong "XX-nî XX-goe̍h XX-ji̍t sit-ji̍t" ê ia̍h soá khì "XX nî XX goe̍h XX ji̍t sit-ji̍t", to-siā!--El caballero de los Leones (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 4) 15:52 (UTC)

Góa gián-kiù --chi̍t-lê-á kui-chek liáu-āu chiah lâi chhòng. Ā-sī khòaⁿ khui hia bûn-chiong ê @Taigiholic: ū-êng --bô? --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2020-nî 6-goe̍h 26-ji̍t (Pài 5) 18:02 (UTC)

Translation request Isabelle de Charrière (Q123386)[kái goân-sí-bé]

Hello Luuva, Could you translate the article of Isasbelle de Charrière (123386)? That would be appreciated. Boss-well63 (thó-lūn) 2021-nî 9-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài 4) 10:35 (UTC)

Translation request[kái goân-sí-bé]


Can you translate and upload the article en:Portal:Azerbaijan in Bân-lâm-gú Wikipedia? It certainly does not need to be large and detailed.

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (thó-lūn) 2021-nî 10-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Pài 1) 12:32 (UTC)

thâu-ia̍h ê chhò-gō͘[kái goân-sí-bé]

Chhiáⁿ chiong thâu-ia̍h--ê "commons:Commons:Quality images/zh-min-nan" kái chò "commons:Commons:Quality images/nan". Tī commons hia sī "/zh-min-nan" m̄ sī "/nan".--El caballero de los Leones (thó-lūn) 2021-nî 12-goe̍h 3-ji̍t (Pài 5) 15:20 (UTC)

Hó. --A-lú-mih (thó-lūn) 2021-nî 12-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 6) 02:49 (UTC)

How we will see unregistered users[kái goân-sí-bé]


You get this message because you are an admin on a Wikimedia wiki.

When someone edits a Wikimedia wiki without being logged in today, we show their IP address. As you may already know, we will not be able to do this in the future. This is a decision by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department, because norms and regulations for privacy online have changed.

Instead of the IP we will show a masked identity. You as an admin will still be able to access the IP. There will also be a new user right for those who need to see the full IPs of unregistered users to fight vandalism, harassment and spam without being admins. Patrollers will also see part of the IP even without this user right. We are also working on better tools to help.

If you have not seen it before, you can read more on Meta. If you want to make sure you don’t miss technical changes on the Wikimedia wikis, you can subscribe to the weekly technical newsletter.

We have two suggested ways this identity could work. We would appreciate your feedback on which way you think would work best for you and your wiki, now and in the future. You can let us know on the talk page. You can write in your language. The suggestions were posted in October and we will decide after 17 January.

Thank you. /Johan (WMF)

2022-nî 1-goe̍h 4-ji̍t (Pài 2) 18:20 (UTC)

Hoan-gêng Ka-ji̍p Pún Wikipedia--ê Telegram kûn-cho͘[kái goân-sí-bé]

Lí hó, góa iā sī chit ê Wikipedia--ê koán-lí-oân. Góa hām iú-chì ū chi̍t ê Telegram Kûn-cho͘, thó͘-lūn Wikipedia kap Wikimedia Tâi-gí/Bân-lâm-gí. Siūⁿ-kóng nā sī beh lī-piān koán-lí-goân ê tāi-lí téng kau-liû thó-lūn, kap siā-lí (siā-kūn)--ê ū-hāu ūn-chok, sêng-khún hoan-gêng lí ka-ji̍p. Beh kā-ji̍p chhiáⁿ kā góa ìn (he̍k-chiá kià kah yoxemwiki@kianting.info), tō-siā!--Yoxem (thó-lūn) 2023-nî 8-goe̍h 12-ji̍t (Pài 6) 16:52 (UTC)

台灣分會2024年2月對話時間[kái goân-sí-bé]

訂於台灣時間2/29 (四) 19:00舉行,
參與連結為 https://meet.google.com/qiv-ctih-sse


--NHC、才不是NPC呢哼!。:.゚(*`・ω・)ゞ:。 2024-nî 2-goe̍h 25-ji̍t (Lé-pài) 18:05 (UTC)